Sunday, August 31, 2014

CABAL Online PH realeases for the Gladiator Expansion!!

The good folks at Level-Up games gave us a heads-up that the popular MMORPG; CABAL Online is now gearing up for its latest expansion; the Gladiator Expansion Patch! The said patch released on August 28, 2014, contains a ton of improvements and new features.

The expansion introduces a host of new features and improvements to the existing game namely:


The Merit system makes playing Mission War more rewarding. By collecting various Medals, players can get Merit Points that they can use to spend on a variety of powerful passive abilities that they can use during Mission War, CABAL's massive arena PVP. And if you level up these abilities, you can get Expanded abilities that can be used outside Mission War as well.


CABAL players will soon explore their world in these new Chinese-themed Aodai costumes (cool!!) and earn more WExp (War Exp) with the new Blessing bead accessory. And to top it all off, a +15 effect boost is given to Gladiator equipment.

These new host of features, along with added improvements to gameplay, are sure to open up a host of new gameplay possibilities within the world of CABAL Online. 

For more information about the said update, see their update notes via this link: