Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life with my Nokia C3

It’s been roughly 2 weeks atleast since I’ve been with my Nokia C3. At first I was abit skeptic about it being an absolutely great phone. I mean I was really torn whether or not I’d get a C6 or the C3, since I’m such a fan of the N97 mini’s touch+QWERTY setup. Most of the people I talked to and even online reviews say its pretty much worth every cent considering its relatively affordable price, so I made the jump. And after 2 weeks, its an absolute joy to own this phone and I’m glad I made the purchase. Although I’ll tell you right now, that having both touch+QWERTY is definitely the best setup for me, I’ve learned to love my phone’s unique set of capabilities and just being an all-around reliable phone.
Since I love gaming, first thing I did was I immediately looked for games for my Nokia C3, and here’s some of the games I got:
Red Alert Mobile
Dictator Defense
Considering I haven’t played much game on a standard S40 Nokia handset, these are pretty impressive. I particularly play Red Alert Mobile a lot when I’m bored as I’m a Red Alert fan, and playing it on my Nokia C3 is definitely awesome!! XD
Oh speaking of impressive, I’m quite pleased that the Nokia C3 is about at par with my old phone; Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, when it comes to battery life. The thing lasts for about 2 days straight without charging and considering I’ve been using Wifi, Bluetooth, Playing games, Media Player, and doing some calls every now and then. It’s definitely a great reliable phone and something I’m pretty pleased with.
Speakin of reliability, I love the phone’s build. It’s pretty sturdy and has a nice metallic finish on the back while sporting a glossy front. It already suffered 2 falls already, and it still looks just like new. It’s definitely business looking and believe me you won’t believe it’s a really cheap fone once you get your hands on one.
As for the built-in camera, I generally liked what I saw considering it’s the same spec as my old Nokia phone.
But despite having the same megapixel as my old phone, the Nokia C3’s built-in camera has some minor improvements, particularly when it comes to capturing video. Now, it runs smoothly, compared to my old Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. Here’s a sample video:
Nokia C3 video test
Another great thing about the Nokia C3 as well is the fact that its got some built-in community apps that can easily connect you to Facebook or Twitter. And I’m glad that the built-in community app can easily upload your photos from the phone straight to Facebook/Twitter. SWEET~
Lately, I’ve been using my netbook less due to the fact that I do most of my surfing on my phone nowadays, and that’s a good thing I guess, since I don’t need to always be stuck on a desk to get online. I’m pretty thankful atleast that I choose Nokia C3. ^___^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goodbye my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic… Hello to…

nokia c3 blue

…my brand new Nokia C3. XD

As much as I love the Nokia N97 mini, I have to admit, its way expensive here, and sadly I can’t afford one in anytime soon. And in my line of work, I need to be connected online most of the time. And with the increasing number of emails I get from work most of the time, and the fact that I can’t always have my laptop with me to get connected; I went ahead and decided on getting the Nokia C3 instead.

I got it for a pretty affordable price of Php 6,300 ($126) and I think its a good deal. Here’s a simple unboxing of my new Nokia phone.

Image0926 Image0927 Image0928 Image0929 Image0930 Image0931

I’ll be setting up my new phone in a few minutes, as I need some time to learn the new features. I’ll definitely miss my old phone; the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. It served me well for over a year which is a testament to the reliability of Nokia phones. Hopefully my new Nokia C3 will be just as reliable as my old Nokia 5130 XpressMusic phone. ^__^

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yep, I’m now officially a plurk-addict. XD


Considered by many as the rival service to Twitter; Plurk has alot more going on for it and appeals more for those more geeky. And I for one LOVE it!! XD

I guess I love the level of interactivity and feature-set that caters more for those who wish to share more than just a simple 140 message over the net. Plurk offers a much easier way to share videos, photos, links, and even has a timeline of when you posted what online. Another cool feature for me is that any plurk I post automatically gets tweeted on my twitter account. Snazzy if you think about it.


If that’s not enough, Plurk also has some sort of achievement system called “Badges” and leveling system called “Karma”. What this means is each post you make in plurk gives you incentives and adds more reason than just “posting some random tweet” over the net. Level up your Karma, you get access to more features and get to customize your plurk page more. Gain more badges, it gives you a sort of "bragging rights” on your page detailing all the stuff you’ve achieved in Plurk so far. Call me a sucker for achievements, but I love it. XD


So give it a try and who knows, you may end up coming back to plurk for more. XD

You can view my plurk page at or you can simply click on my plurk tab on the right panel of my blog page. ^___^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How I fell in-love… with the Nokia N97 mini

I suppose the title says it all. Yes, I’m in-love with the Nokia N97 mini.

Nokia-N97-Mini It’s been a few days since I sent back my Nokia N97 mini trial device back to Nokia, and I’ve been missing it since. T___T During the past few weeks I have been with the unit, it’s had its fair share of pros and cons, but overall… it was something that I fell in-love with. Some people think I’m crazy to be choosing the N97 mini over the N900 since the latter was much more powerful and versatile than the N97 mini; but for some reason the N97 mini hit the sweet spot for me in being both versatile and utilitarian at the same time. It may not be as powerful, but it does the job, something I have known Nokia phones for. And most important of all, this unit single-handedly removed my initial fears about slider-phones. Nokia certainly took this to heart and built one of the most sturdy slider-phones I’ve handled so far. Genius.

Here’s my Pros and Cons with the unit.


  • The unit doesn’t wobble or creak at all. I’ve never had an issue of the phone creaking out or having any loose parts during my use and that’s saying alot considering this is a slider-phone.
  • The unit is both lightweight and study. The aluminum body gives the phone a durable build quality without being heavy (unlike the N900 which weighs like a brick) while giving the phone a look of sophistication and oozes with sexiness. XD
  • The OviStore is definitely a good pack-in. It may not be as mature as the iApp store or Android marketplace, but for what its worth, its definitely a good start. I love the free apps!! XD
  • Ovi Maps is definitely a must have feature for me. It was certainly awesome to know that the Ovi Map app works both offline and online. It was a very handy feature, specially when I was trying to go to a place I’m not familiar with.
  • Out of the many apps I got from the Ovi store, the 2 best apps I got were; Emoze (email client) and Socially (twitter/facebook feed client). A definite must-have for most people who wanted to be connected most of the time.
  • For one thing, I tried out this app from the Nokia BetaLabs called Nokia Notifications. It’s my favorite widget as it gives me instant notifications of all updates that happened so far (like who called, how many people sent me an SMS, emails I recieved, etc.) all under one window screen. I can’t wait for Nokia to apply this to all other Nokia phones.
  • The setup used in Nokia N97 mini, is definitely something I found a sweetspot to. I like having both touchscreen input AND a full QWERTY keyboard. Something that I would want to have in my future phone if ever.
  • The 5MP Carl Zeiss camera is a joy to work with. It’s definitely gonna save me money instead of me buying a separate digital camera, my phone can do the job.


  • I honestly didn’t like the fact that the battery life didn’t even last for more than 2 days atleast. I noticed that at the end of the day, I always end up charging the phone, something that I didn’t like. I kinda wished they did something about the battery life and made it last longer, since this isn’t the N900.
  • Having a touch resistive screen can certainly be a bother, as it doesn’t have the same level of accuracy as an iPod/iPhone. And add the fact I have big hands in using the devices.
  • While the Symbian OS is definitely much more easier to use than the Maemo, it still has quirks. Most notable of these quirks is the double-tap/single-tap issue, where there’s parts of the OS you’re required to double-tap, while others just a single-tap on the icon would do. It’s confusing to say the least, but not something that’s a deal-breaker.
  • Apps hangs/crashes from time to time, probably dude to poor memory management. There are times I get “Not enough memory” warnings even if there’s no app open at the time.
  • As a music lover, I’m quite disappointed with the performance of the music player here. The sound system wasn’t as loud as my old Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, and the headphones that came with the unit are a pain to use.

Overall, that’s my experience with the N97 mini. Yes it may not be perfect, but I can’t help but root for the phone as it simply fits most of my needs to a T. Simple, and elegant; just what I’ve come to expect from a Nokia phone. Even my dad love it!! XD As much as I love the phone, the unit cost is wayyyy too expensive here in the Philippines. For the same price, I could buy myself a new netbook. So as much as I want one, I’d rather wait for prices to come down or check out its spiritual successor; the Nokia C6.

nokia-c6Till then, I’ll be dreaming of my Nokia 97 mini…. XD