Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad… the formerly “bisaya” version of iPod is now for real.

Remember back in the day when someone who isn’t good at english tries to pronounce “iPod”, ends up sounding “iPad” then most conos would laugh and tease them as that they’re “idiots” or something? Well look who’s laughing now.


Launched just recently in Apple’s 2010 unveiling, I must say, I’m abit disappointed with the damn thing. But hey, I’m sure most apple fanboys/girls would eat this up anyway. But for real techies, they know better…

Aside from the huge-ass glorified “iTouch” unveiling, What really struck me is Steve Job’s quip about netbooks.


Steve Jobs: "Netbooks aren't better at anything, they're slow, they're clunky. They're just cheap laptops." Well I’d agree with the part that they’re cheap laptops, but not better at anything? I beg to disagree. Just to be fair to Mac fanboys/girls out there, let's see if that statement really stands true. Here are some interesting articles to check: - Why I already hate the apple iPad

Daily Finance - Top 10 reasons not to buy an iPad

GIZMONDO - 8 Things that Suck about the iPad

Now for those of you who are lazy to read articles, I’ll just get the best ones I was able to get from that article:

  • No multitasking
    • Yep, you can’t open and run more than 1 program at any given time on this. Netbooks can run more than 1 program at a time. That means if you plan on opening the net to check facebook, while listening to your music, while you’re typing on your blog, while you’re checking email, while downloading stuff on the background, won’t be possible on your shitty ass iPad.
  • No cameras
    • And to think they’re sayin that they’re the best mobile device maker in the world? Better than Nokia? Well atleast Nokia’s cheapest phones has a built-in camera. Why Apple? Camera’s too “low tech” for you guys?
  • Not Adobe Flash enabled
    • So if you’re like me, who loves playing flash games (specially in facebook) or viewing flash sites, tough luck, as Flash isn’t supported outright. Yeah that’s right, Apple believes there’s no need for Adobe Flash in the net.
  • Adapters galore
    • Wanna view your files from your USB drive? Tough luck, coz you’ll need to buy an adapter to atleast PLUG that thing in the iPad. So much for being better than a netbook that has 3 USB slots built-in and ready for use.
  • Any 1st gen of any Apple product will be outdated soon
    • This is specially true with the iTouch/iPhone & iPod. How many gens has it been? 5th? Yeah, and they keep on coming.
  • Touchpad sucks
    • It’s forgivable in the iTouch/iPhone, but not on this huge-ass “mobile” device. You got 9 inches of room for a decent touchpad, and Apple still can’t get the damn thing right. Even Jobs himself has encountered this problem as he was demonstrating the thing on stage. And that’s gonna be the bane of most bloggers out there and heavy typers.
  • Small HD space.
    • 16GB - 64GB? Really? That’s it? And to think that’s supposed to be a multimedia thingie? You can’t even upgrade the HD? WTF? Thankfully netbooks can load upto 500GB of HD SATA goodness.

I’m really disappointed really, considering this IS Apple. As for me, I won’t trade up my netbook that’s WAYYYY more better than this mofo. Seriously.

500x_nothanksipad (1)

This is one helluva commercial for iPad. Seriously Apple? iPad? LOL!! 


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