Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Review – part 3 -

As for the film itself, it does a good job in pacing itself nicely without losing too much of the momentum or feeling disjointed. The plot twists are kept minimal at best, and the story itself is pretty much straight-forward, but a very engaging watch nonetheless.

hollywood-movie-sherlock-holmes-2009-stills-pictur-12396854944a2c386b4df3c4.79237466I actually loved the parts where Sherlock engages himself in a fight. Before he actually perform each attack, the film shows just how and where he will actually strike his opponent. It would almost seem as if even in when fighting, Sherlock uses his deductive skills and logic in order to quickly and efficiently subdue his enemies. After the film has shown step by step how he will attack, the scene immediately goes back to the beginning where Holmes will actually perform the moves in a brisk pace that by the time he does it, you can see just how those moves will hurt.

holmesreviewLastly, I’m also disappointed with the way the series upcoming “greatest villain” was revealed in the film. Let’s just say that Batman Begins did a better job than this film.


All in all, Sherlock Holmes starts the year right with a very engaging and entertaining film. Both Holmes & Watson were played wonderfully by Downey & Law. Mark Strong also does Lord Blackwood justice as the film’s main villain, while Rachel McAdams portrayal of Irene Adler is serviceable at best. Injecting just the right balance of action & mystery, Sherlock Holmes is a must-see movie specially for those new to the series.

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