Saturday, March 20, 2010

BattlePunks review –1-

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Most people know majority of Facebook games usually are either text-based or java-based games. More often than not, graphics take a step-back to the actual game itself. However, by the start of 2010, that trend started to change with the rise of 2D flash-based games coming on Facebook. A promise of a more richer, visually enticing, gaming experience on Facebook is on the horizon. And just when I thought that’s the best Facebook games can do, a developer named Gravity Bear stepped forward to raise the bar even higher.


Enter BattlePunks. One of Facebook’s very first 3D games. Simply by looking at the screenshot, I seriously don’t think it gives the game any justice. So in order to show you how good the game looks in action, I actually got a video screen capture of the game in action.

If you saw the video above, you may see that BattlePunks, in its very core, plays just like another popular web-based game; MyBrute. There is another game that plays just like MyBrute in facebook, but this one just feels and plays so much better overall, you can’t help but be hooked.

However, despite the look and feel of the game, BattlePunks’ is definitely no MyBrute clone. They definitely stepped up and delivered alot of improvements, instead of just being another clone.


One of those features is an equipment system ala-Diablo. It’s a very great system wherein players can plan out and strategize which weapons/armors/skills they want to bring to battle, while managing the slots available to them at a time. It gives the game a level of depth that isn’t found on MyBrute, as well as its many clones on facebook.

Not surprising, considering one of Gravity Bear’s founders is a former staffer of Blizzard and was part of Diablo II’s team. And the level of quality is simply there, these guys aren’t slouching around and handing out a half-assed game with pretty graphics. This is proof that quality games CAN exist on Facebook.

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