Saturday, May 1, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review – part 5 -

Fortunately for Tony, he’s got friends who are willing to help him out and as I said earlier, War Machine goes along side by side with good ol’ shellhead.


But aside from War Machine, there’s also other allies who will be teaming up with our hero in his latest adventure. There’s the beautiful, but deadly, Black Cat.

13Scarlett Johanson definitely delivered the goods here, and definitely kicked ass. She’s both the combination of beauty, brains and some deadly moves, as she assists Iron Man with his newly found enemies.

As far as the movie goes, I can safely say it certainly does the job. Some people may have different expectations about the film, but for me it certainly was an excellent sequel. Some argued that the first film was more focused in its message, while this one fails to recapture that. For me, the thing about this film is that it doesn’t just have ONE message this time around, but plenty. But like I said earlier, it all boils down to the fact that this IS Tony Stark’s movie. Once I had that in mind, everything in the movie made perfect sense.

Also, the film certainly knows how to please and never forgets its roots by keeping what worked on the first film and upping up the ante. So you can still expect a generous amount of fun, humor and action, although the action parts really ramped up this time around.


But if there’s any sort of complaint I may have against the film; it would be the one near the end. In order not to spoil anything, I’ll just say that the action built-up really well till that point, but it ended way too quickly that I was left wanting for more.

It’s also worth mentioning that this film, is definitely made with the hardcore fan in mind. The film simply bombards die-hard fans with little bits and pieces of wonderfully awesome easter eggs throughout the film that as a fan, I simply can’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time.


Iron Man 2, for all its worth, its a worthy sequel to a fantastic first film. Others may have different opinions about the film, and with that being said, for me the sequel worked. It perfectly compliments the first film, and succeeds in delivering the goods and paving the way in setting up for the third film as well as laying down the groundwork for the future “Avengers” film. Others may argue that the first film is more solid and has a more cohesive story, but as I pointed out, the subplots and themes presented in the sequel serve as a purpose to emphasize the fact that this IS Tony Stark’s film, and serves as a way to understand the person better. With that being said, this is definitely a great sequel to an already awesome movie.

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