Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yep, I’m now officially a plurk-addict. XD


Considered by many as the rival service to Twitter; Plurk has alot more going on for it and appeals more for those more geeky. And I for one LOVE it!! XD

I guess I love the level of interactivity and feature-set that caters more for those who wish to share more than just a simple 140 message over the net. Plurk offers a much easier way to share videos, photos, links, and even has a timeline of when you posted what online. Another cool feature for me is that any plurk I post automatically gets tweeted on my twitter account. Snazzy if you think about it.


If that’s not enough, Plurk also has some sort of achievement system called “Badges” and leveling system called “Karma”. What this means is each post you make in plurk gives you incentives and adds more reason than just “posting some random tweet” over the net. Level up your Karma, you get access to more features and get to customize your plurk page more. Gain more badges, it gives you a sort of "bragging rights” on your page detailing all the stuff you’ve achieved in Plurk so far. Call me a sucker for achievements, but I love it. XD


So give it a try and who knows, you may end up coming back to plurk for more. XD

You can view my plurk page at or you can simply click on my plurk tab on the right panel of my blog page. ^___^

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