Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life with my Nokia C3

It’s been roughly 2 weeks atleast since I’ve been with my Nokia C3. At first I was abit skeptic about it being an absolutely great phone. I mean I was really torn whether or not I’d get a C6 or the C3, since I’m such a fan of the N97 mini’s touch+QWERTY setup. Most of the people I talked to and even online reviews say its pretty much worth every cent considering its relatively affordable price, so I made the jump. And after 2 weeks, its an absolute joy to own this phone and I’m glad I made the purchase. Although I’ll tell you right now, that having both touch+QWERTY is definitely the best setup for me, I’ve learned to love my phone’s unique set of capabilities and just being an all-around reliable phone.
Since I love gaming, first thing I did was I immediately looked for games for my Nokia C3, and here’s some of the games I got:
Red Alert Mobile
Dictator Defense
Considering I haven’t played much game on a standard S40 Nokia handset, these are pretty impressive. I particularly play Red Alert Mobile a lot when I’m bored as I’m a Red Alert fan, and playing it on my Nokia C3 is definitely awesome!! XD
Oh speaking of impressive, I’m quite pleased that the Nokia C3 is about at par with my old phone; Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, when it comes to battery life. The thing lasts for about 2 days straight without charging and considering I’ve been using Wifi, Bluetooth, Playing games, Media Player, and doing some calls every now and then. It’s definitely a great reliable phone and something I’m pretty pleased with.
Speakin of reliability, I love the phone’s build. It’s pretty sturdy and has a nice metallic finish on the back while sporting a glossy front. It already suffered 2 falls already, and it still looks just like new. It’s definitely business looking and believe me you won’t believe it’s a really cheap fone once you get your hands on one.
As for the built-in camera, I generally liked what I saw considering it’s the same spec as my old Nokia phone.
But despite having the same megapixel as my old phone, the Nokia C3’s built-in camera has some minor improvements, particularly when it comes to capturing video. Now, it runs smoothly, compared to my old Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. Here’s a sample video:
Nokia C3 video test
Another great thing about the Nokia C3 as well is the fact that its got some built-in community apps that can easily connect you to Facebook or Twitter. And I’m glad that the built-in community app can easily upload your photos from the phone straight to Facebook/Twitter. SWEET~
Lately, I’ve been using my netbook less due to the fact that I do most of my surfing on my phone nowadays, and that’s a good thing I guess, since I don’t need to always be stuck on a desk to get online. I’m pretty thankful atleast that I choose Nokia C3. ^___^

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