Friday, October 18, 2013

Thor Mjolnir Hammer USB drive @ Jollibee!!

If there's one thing I loved about Jollibee, is that they always release awesome toys for their Value Meals! Just remembering their amazing Voltron Toy set that they released a few years ago which looked like this:

Ha! Take that McDonalds! XD

Anyway, Jollibee's new toy is for the upcoming Marvel movie "Thor: The Dark World", which is Thor's famous hammer; the Mjolnir! And the sweet thing about this hammer is that its actually a USB drive too!! :D

To be able to purchase this amazing lil USB drive, you'll need to purchase their latest burger value meal; the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ!!

Since I wanted to get my hands on that USB drive, I decided to get myself that meal! Upon ordering I learned that apparently you need to purchase the value meal first which cost Php165 (roughly $3.5) BEFORE you can purchase the Mjolnir Hammer USB drive which costs Php95 (roughly $2.5). Well, considering the overall total cost would cost me the same price of an actual lousy, boring USB drive anyway, I decided to get one. Atleast this one comes with a deliciously lookin burger, along with that amazing Mjolnir Hammer USB drive.

As for the burger, I can definitely vouch for its yumminess! I mean just look at all the cheese oozing out of the burger!

Anyway, before this post becomes a foodie review, here's the actual USB itself:

This awesome gadget is actually really solidly build. It's made out of thick durable plastic and has a really nice weight to it. It definitely doesn't feel light or flimsy, but has enough weight to make it feel solid. It comes in 1GB storage capacity (which is a bummer), but hey atleast if you find yourself in a pinch, you'll have this one ready to transfer small files for you. It definitely doesn't look bad when placed in my desk. :D

Congratulations again Jollibee for such an amazing product tie-in to the upcoming movie "Thor: The Dark World"!! So to every geek out there, what the hell are you waiting for?! Go to your nearest Jollibee store RIGHT NOW and grab this before stocks run out!

PS: Jollibee, since you're already releasing awesome USB toys, I'd like to request you get this too next time for your value meal toys:

I'm damn sure this would sell out like hotcakes, I can assure you guys that. :D

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