Sunday, April 20, 2014

My First Real Grade kit; the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam

After building my Advance Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal, I wanted to build something a little bit more complicated than the simplistic and easy build of the AG kit.

As fate would have it, Gundam Philippines in participation with Toy Kingdom, announced that they would be having a Gundam Model Kit Contest.

This gave me the perfect reason to finally build something that's more complex than an AG kit, as the rule states that only HG kits or higher will be allowed. So I went ahead and scouted for the best possible kit that I'll work on next.

Among my initial choices were:

Not exactly a fan of the series, but I've read reviews that this
was a really good HG kit. That and its a very popular
gundam model here in the Philippines.

I'm a fan of Gundam 08th MS Team, and so picking this up
is a no brainer. Love the simplistic, military-feel to this kit.

Along side the Ez-8 Gundam, this is also another memorable
MS from 08th MS Team. Would love to have both
Ez-8 Gundam and this one in a diorama in the future.

One of the leads from the Gundam Build Fighters series,
one of my favorite Gundam series as of late.

The main lead gundam from the
Gundam Build Fighters series. Loving
the whole awesome feel to it.

With a budget of Php2,000 (or roughly $45), I went ahead and dropped by the nearest Toy Kingdom branch and looked for these kits. Unfornately for me, Wing Gundam, Ez-8 Gundam and the Gouf Custom were all sold out by the time I got there. So I'm left with either the Build Gundam Mk-II and the Build Strike Gundam Full Package kit. However, the sales person at the store informed me that they have a running sale for Real Grade (RG) kits. So I asked about the RG kits that were on sale. And he came out with these 2 RG kits:

I asked the sales guy, and he mentioned that the Destiny Gundam was on sale for Php1,500 (roughly $33) down from its original Php1,999 (roughly $45) price tag. While the Zeta Gundam was on sale for Php1,700 (roughly $39) down from its original price of Php2,200 (roughly $50) price tag. Considering the Build Strike Full Package and the Build Gundam MK-II were priced at Php1,100 each (roughly $25), and that I've always wanted to try building an RG kit of my own, I decided to get an RG kit instead. 

However when it came down to choosing which kit between the two, for some reason, my significant other came to mind. She always wanted those Gundams with wings. Add the fact that its cheaper and less complicated to assemble, I've decided to get myself the Destiny Gundam over the Zeta Gundam instead.

And since this is a very special kit, I decided to go ahead and purchase a whole set of gunpla building kit and gear to help me with my very first RG kit.

Anyway, those of you who are interested in joining the Gundam Philippines' Gundam Model Kit Contest, simply visit their Facebook page, for more info. Or you can visit participating Toy Kingdom branches in SM Malls. Anyway, stay tuned as I will be posting my work-in-progress soon! :D

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