Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mortal Kombat X gameplay @ E3!! [UPDATE]

Fresh from the Playstation press conference unveiling of the new Mortal Kombat game; Mortal Kombat X, the creator of the game; Ed Boon, joins the Playstation panel to introduce what's in store for gamers with the new MK game.

Right off the bat, the game looks GORGEOUS. I mean just look at these screenshots:

According to Ed Boon, the story of the game takes place 25 years after the events of the last Mortal Kombat game on PS3. So aside from seeing new fighters (like Cassie Cage which apparently is the daughter of Sonia Blade and Johnny Cage. WTF?), you will also be seeing older versions of past Kombatants. As for the main villain this time around, it will be a surprise returning character that people won't be expecting... interesting. :D

New gameplay mechanics include character variations where you can select different styles per character. 

Just like in the case of Scorpion, wherein he has 3 variations to choose from: Ninjitsu, Inferno and Hellfire styles. In Ninjitsu style, he has access to 2 ninja blades, while if he selects the Inferno style, he has access to demonic minions, where as Hellfire style gives Scorpion the ability to throw fireballs and stuff. Nice touch right there! :D

Also returning from MK3, is the run ability, where characters are able to run across the screen and not just dash. This speeds up the gameplay considerably and adds more gameplay options. Also confirmed is the interactive environments, which takes a page from NetherRealm's previous fighting game; Injustice. Basically all characters can now interact with the stage and play around with more strategic options than ever before. 

I'm super excited to see more fighters in the roster and for the game's release next year. :D

[UPDATE: 06/12/2014]
Added new gameplay footage exclusive to IGN, where it shows off more characters in the game being demoed. Enjoy!

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