Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travelling Gundam Diaries - Travelling in the City!

A few days ago, one of the people in a Gundam FB group I'm a member of, asked me what had happened to my Travelling Gundam and if he is still travelling around so to speak. I realized that while it is true that I post my Travelling Gundam's adventures (and misadventures) via Instagram and Tumblr, not alot of people follow them. So I decided to make a compilation post of sorts of my Travelling Gundam's adventures.

Introducing, the Travelling Gundam Diaries! :D

And here's what my Travelling Gundam has been doing lately:

He watched "The Fault in our Stars" just recently.
Yes, Travelling Gundam is into chick flicks apparently... 
Here he is mixing a mug of hot chocolate. 
Trying out Hoagies' sandwiches. I think
he's trying to do some healthy living thing. 
Enjoying a wonderful sizzling burger steak at
a local food joint in the Philippines.
Enjoying the evening city lights.
After launching my little Travelling Gundam project, I'm very pleased to note that there has been some other people who did their own "Travelling" toy project as well. In the Gundam FB group I'm in, a user joined in the fun and introduced to us; the Zoomin Zeons. :D

And ofcourse, my significant other decided to join in the fun, but with a twist. Her's is the Travelling Hello Kitty. :D And here it is, along with my Travelling Gundam on a date:

Look forward to more adventures of my Travelling Gundam!! :D

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