Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Travelling Gundam Diaries - ToyCon 2014 and Foodtrip with Travelling Hello Kitty!!

As always, here's another look at where Travelling Gundam is in the Metro!! Went to ToyCon 2014, and although he may not have taken much pics with toys, he did get lots of lovin from cosplayers!!

Another thing to note, was Warner Bros. Philippines was nice enough to bring the actual costumes worn by the actors of the hit film Rurouni Kenshin, at ToyCon!! Just in time to promote the upcoming sequel here in the Philippines. And Travelling Gundam wasted no time to get a pic with the costume. :D

A few days after ToyCon, we got a modem upgrade from our local internet provider; PLDT. It was a modem+WiFi router in one. Thankfully Travelling Gundam was there to help.

Internet speeds at home got abit more decent after installation and reception got stronger. Hopefully it won't give me anymore headaches just like in the past. Then my Travelling Gundam went on a foodie date with his companion; Travelling Hello Kitty!!

One of the best finds they got was that ChocNut chocolate drink which was on sale at Ho-Land in St. Francis Square!! You can read more about it on my significant other's post here: http://adventuresofaladyexplorer.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/spotted-choc-nut-milk-chocolate-drink/

Good thing they both packed CarbTrim, to help keep the carbs at bay, as they both enjoy their foodtrip together! :D

But before I leave, I'm happy to announce that Travelling Gundam is about to get an upgrade soon. From being an Advance Grade (AG), he's about to get more articulation now that he's gonna be upgraded to a High Grade (HG) kit soon. :D

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