Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Combiner Wars Devastator in-hand comparison!!

I've been a fan of Devastator ever since I was a kid, and missing him out when I was younger is something I sort of regret growing up (he's pretty pricey even back then for a lil kid like me). I've had a couple Transformer Combiners in my collection but at the back of my head, it's Devastator that I definitely want to add in my collection the most.

So upon hearing that Hasbro is bringing back Devastator in their Combiner Wars line, I was ecstatic! And they're bringing back the most popular combiner in style, as they are releasing him as a Titan-class combiner toy standing almost 18" tall!! :D

And thanks to the peeps at Seibertron.com, CYBERGEEKS Alliance on Facebook, as well as Johnny Lau on Weibo, I'm here to share some in-hand images of Devastator including Size Comparisons of the said combiner toy!! :D

Without a doubt, he towers over all other combiner toys in the Combiner Wars line, and is definitely one of the biggest combiner toys Hasbro has produced. Good job Hasbro with your Combiner Wars line!! You've made a fan out of me again. :D

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