Sunday, August 9, 2015

Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" directors comes to Manila! :D

I never thought I'd ever see the day, where I would be in the same room with the directors from Disney-Pixar, and last friday that day finally came true when I was invited to the Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" press conference which was held at the Manila Shangrila Hotel! :D

The day started off with me meeting some old and new contacts from my blogging circles! It was so nice to meet you guys again! :D

And then the moment arrived where the 2 directors of Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" finally came to the stage!

One notable guest was co-director; Ronnie del Carmen, who left the Philippines in the 1980s dreaming of making movies of his own that people would love to watch, now comes home with a Disney-Pixar film he co-directed no less! He was given a warm pinoy welcome by fellow filipino Pixar fans.

At the Q&A portion, I loved the directors dishing out alot of trivia that fans like me enjoy learning about! Some of the most memorable trivias they share are:
  • Ronnie del Carmen revealed that there is a "pinoy-centric" group of artists within Pixar that they labeled as "Pixnoys". According to Ronnie, they are fun, loud and loves to eat every now and then.
  • According to Pete Docter, the film originally had atleast 27 emotions in the original draft. However, they cut the number down to 5, and combined many of the emotions they created to be embodied by just 1 major emotion.
  • Speaking of emotions, the two directors also revealed that for the movie, they actually consulted with psychiatrists and experts in emotions to help them in crafting the movie.
  • The one of the film's main characters; Riley (the girl where the 5 emotions have their misadventures), was based off Pete Docter's own daughter; Elie. When she was younger, she is known to be bubbly, happy and full of life. As she hit puberty, she is now more quiet and this gave Pete the idea of playing around with what is happening inside his daughter's head (which is the main idea of the film). Looking at Riley and Elie, I can definitely see the resemblance!
  • Ronnie del Carmen revealed that apparently he was the one who directed the first 5 minutes of the Disney-Pixar film "Up". Here's the said clip for reference:
  • Speaking of "Up", Pete Docter also revealed that his own daughter Elie, was the one who provided the voice of the younger Ellie in the film.
  • Someone asked if there's any truth to the "shared Pixar Universe", while both Pete and Ronnie debunked the said rumor, they did however not stop the fans from dreaming up the possibilities (and also plugged in the Disney Infinity toyline)
  • According to the directors, the voice talents behind the different emotions, not only influenced the character's look, but also how the character was written due to the actors' way of delivering lines and how some of them are actually great writers on their own.

Overall, the event was really awesome and as a Pixar fan, I feel so honoured to be in the same room as these amazing people. To close off, Ronnie del Carmen, left an inspiring answer to a question that most aspiring artists (such as myself) always wanted to ask people at Pixar of how can they be successful in what they do.

And his answer? Just do stuff.

Doesn't matter whether or not your work is great now, just make stuff and show it to people and you will definitely get feedback to improve your art. The more you get yourself out there, the more possible it is for you to get noticed and hopefully one day, join the guys at Pixar. :)

Catch Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" on August 19, opening nationwide thanks to the distribution efforts of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures! :D

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