Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memoirs of my Asus 1000H part 3

Jul 24, 2009

Just finished a busy shift, and well had alot of stuff done which is great. Bad news is that I STILL have work to do tomorrow for a friend. It’s a sideline thingie. Well anyway, ever since I got Windows 7 RC for my lappie, there are some stuff that doesn’t work like before. I mean most of the utilities and programs that came with my ASUS 1000h is designed with Windows XP in mind, so I don’t blame ASUS really. Good thing there’s alot of great tutorials online to help me go about in tweaking stuff and making my other utilities work in Windows 7.

After making most of my programs run under Windows 7, I decided to finally upgrade my BIOS from version 1902 to the latest one. I’ve tried to download the firmware off the ASUS Update Utility, but for some reasons its having a hard time doing so. So I just decided to simply download the BIOS file straight from ASUS’s website and then updated my BIOS using the downloaded file. I would admit I kinda felt my heart skip a beat because I’m really nervous in updating my BIOS (since I’m no PC expert). Surprisingly it was kind of easy to do using the utility. I believe it only took a few minutes to update the firmware. At first it kept on showing the BIOS page (you know the part where you have to press a key to run the setup of your BIOS settings, etc). After a few reboots everthing went back to normal. Windows 7 booted up properly again, and surprisingly it feels more faster after I updated the BIOS. I’ll be keeping a close eye on my newly updated lappie and hopefully that BIOS update really improved my lappie’s performance and not ruin it. *crossing my fingers my lappie wouldn’t die out on me after the BIOS update*

Jul 29, 2009

Neways, if you guys remember the last time I updated my BIOS right? Well I’m proud to say there was some improvement. I did notice that my lappie does boot up slightly faster now, and there has been some improvement in terms of multitasking. I kinda like the fact that my lappie turns on more quicker now than before. This week I’ll be having my paycheck, and I simply can’t wait to upgrade my lappie’s RAM and bump it to 2GB. I’ll be posting my observations here once I got my lappie upgraded. ^___^

As payday slowly gets near, I’m thinking of adding a few new stuff in my lappie’s “Bucket List”. The stuff added will be in bold letters:

  • Upgrade stock RAM from 1GB to 2GB.
  • Upgrade stock HD from 160GB to 500GB (hopefully).
  • Upgrade stock 1000H battery (Upto 6 hours) to 1000HE battery (Upto 9 hours). I believe the 1000HE battery is compatible with 1000H and vice versa.
  • Buy a screenprotector (I know, I know).
  • Customize it’s look by buying a laptop skin.
  • Get a new netbook sleeve that’s customized.
  • Get a set of cleaning tools (USB powered vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, and LCD cleaner).
  • Get a portable adapter for the office (so I don’t have to take it’s own adapter all the time).
  • Upgrade OS to Windows 7 Home Edition Final Retail version.
  • Giving my laptop a name.

Adding more energy juice into my laptop is definitely a must. Can’t wait to get my lappie upgraded to 2GB RAM!! XD Well it’s kinda ironic that my lappie has been a very faithful partner for me, but I haven’t even thought of a decent name to give. The thought actually came up in my mind long before, but I guess I never got around doing it. I’m not even sure what’s the perfect name for my lappie. I definitely hold my lappie a special place in my heart, due to sentimental reasons being my very first laptop. I can’t even imagine upgrading anytime soon, despite its misgivings that my friends point out. I’ve come to accept my laptop for its strengths and weaknesses and I couldn’t have asked for more. I guess its just right that I christen my laptop with a name that will give my laptop justice. What do you guys think? What name can you give my laptop?

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