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Memoirs of my Asus 1000H part 2

Jul 23, 2009

Well first off, thanks for those who were kind enough to post their comments. Much appreciated. I would like to apologize if my writing style is not really that “stylistic”, coz when I write, I’m simply saying it as it is. But then again, this isn’t about my writing style. This blog is a documentation or the so-called memoir of my 1000h.

BTW, here’s a pic of my lappie:


Now, it’s been roughly 3 months since I bought my 1000h, and this thing has been a tough netbook so far. One actually asked me how’s my experience with my 1000h, and like I promised, I would share my experience with it here. You see, the moment I got home with this netbook after buying it, I immediately ran my very own “stress test” for a week (since the pc shop from which I bought this thing only has 1 week outright replacement as warranty just incase anything happens) so I took advantage of it and went crazy with the thing. My philosophy was, if this laptop would survive my one week of “stress test” then I’m pretty confident it would work alright. Besides, if it dies out on me, I can always have it replaced outright anyway. Hehehe. Well here’s my one week “stress test” regimen that my netbook survived:

  • Ran 1000h virtually non-stop for atleast 4 days straight without shutting it down. It’s literally on all the time (downloading stuff, etc) for the duration of 5 days. It was noticeably warm, but not dangerously hot that I’d be afraid it would explode. Also keep in mind, I did this on April where the weather was still considerably hot.
  • Ran my netbook inside an FX that’s on the road, while I’m on my way to my GF’s place. I just transferred some mp3s to my PSP and actually tried a few stuff. I actually had alot of people looking surprised. Good thing I didn’t get in trouble. Hehehehe!!
  • Placed my netbook on a bag and actually commuted along with it. Ran on the streets, Jeepneys, tricycles, MRT rides, FX cabs. This laptop has braced some serious commuting stress tests in my opinion.
  • Multitasked like hell. I really tried to push this netbook to its limit. I learned that while it’s not a multitasking monster, it performed quite suitably. To date, it can run atleast 3 - 4 different programs without it hanging up.
  • Tested the so-called “long battery life” by running the laptop on max settings (Super-Performance mode on, WiFi on, Bluetooth on, max brightness and max volume) and I actually got a decent 4-5 hours on this one. Pretty impressive.

Now I know this sounds a little lame for a “stress test” but considering I only have a week to do all that, its pretty impressive. But now after 3 months, I’ll add up my laptop’s experiences here. Here’s the additional stuff my lappie endured during the course of 3 months.

  • Remember the bad weather just a few days ago? Me and my laptop actually braved the hard rain that time everyday I went to the office. There was even a time the flood was really high on my place, and I tried my best to keep my laptop dry, but with the water way up to my waist, there’s little I can do to save my laptop from getting wet. Well it did get partially wet (moist even), and surprisingly after a few days later its still chugging along just fine. No signs for parts getting busted or anything.
  • Remember in my stress test where I would virtually leave my laptop on for atleast 4 days? Well I still do that even upto this day. In the morning, bring my laptop to work where its on all the time (acting as my second PC) and in the evening at home, its used by my dad to play C&C Generals, and then I’d download stuff whole night long after. It barely experiences a whole day where it’s turned off. This netbook is one resilient workhorse, which I like.
  • Remember my stint of running my netbook on an FX? Now add a tricycle cab and a jeep to that list. Bumpy rides galore, but my netbook still worked like a charm and barely even hanged up. Very very reliable indeed.
  • My bag where my laptop usually is placed when I go to work, accidentally fell atleast 2 1/2 feet above the ground. Now I was really worried after that happened coz as you can remember I can only get the outright replacement after 1 week right? It’s been months since I’ve bought my netbook and I thought its done for. However to my surprise, my netbook is still chugging and barely even showed signs that it’s parts has been busted.

Man, to think my netbook endured all that means this thing is really built to last. Very great product ASUS!! I plan on sticking with my baby for a year or 2 before I even think about upgrading. Seriously. I love my ASUS 1000h that much!! It’s a very reliable and rugged piece of machine, despite its elegant design. It’s a tough piece of machine that I love since I’m a very rugged user. I’m already thinking of naming my lappie, but I’m really not finding any names to suit my baby, since this one’s both tough and elegant at the same time.

Now for the so-called bucket list. You see I just recently watched the film “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Now to date, my lappie has the following upgrades:

  • OS has been upgraded from Windows XP Home Edition (one that came along with my laptop preinstalled) to Windows 7 RC.
  • Bought it a 160GB Western Digital external HD (for storing those digital goodies my netbook downloaded).
  • Also bought it a Samsung external DVD-Writer (for only 3000K!! WIN!!).

Now ofcourse, since me and my lappie would be spending alot more time, I decided to give it a “Bucket List” of its own. Here’s the list:

  • Upgrade stock RAM from 1GB to 2GB.
  • Upgrade stock HD from 160GB to 500GB (hopefully).
  • Buy a screenprotector (I know, I know).
  • Customize it’s look by buying a laptop skin.
  • Get a new netbook sleeve that’s customized.
  • Get a set of cleaning tools (USB powered vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, and LCD cleaner).
  • Get a portable adapter for the office (so I don’t have to take it’s own adapter all the time).
  • Upgrade OS to Windows 7 Home Edition Final Retail version.

There you go! I’m planning on getting the RAM upgrade once my salary comes in next week. So that’s one down. Hopefully I get my lappie everything on the Bucket List before the end of the year. Hehehehe!!

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