Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memoirs of my Asus 1000H part 5

Aug 07, 2009

First off, here’s a new update on my lappie after getting its initial upgrade. After a day at work, and multitasking on my laptop: listening to mp3s, browsing stuff online, watching on youtube, downloading stuff, and watching videos every now and then, I just realized that my laptop’s processor was running on UNDERCLOCKED or on “Power Saving Mode” (meaning the processor is running more slower than it’s supposed speed) all those times. And I actually thought my laptop was on OVERCLOCK or “Super Performance mode” (meaning the processor is running more faster than it’s supposed speed), because everything was running SO SMOOTHLY!! The 2GB RAM upgrade was worth it!!

I know this sounds pathetic, but I’ve finally fulfilled one of my dreams. It’s to surf online on a mall with free WiFi access. I know its really pathetic, but I’m serious. I’ve always wanted to do it, and being able to finally do it here as I eat my dinner at the mall; typing my blog post as we speak.

You see, I kinda grew up being abit envious of those people who can go online anywhere coz they have a laptop (which is one of the reasons why I’ve always wanted to own one). Now that I finally got my lappie, I’m able to surf online.

I get those curious stares and I must admit, I love the attention my lappie is getting. I mean I can’t blame them if my lappie is really that sexy in black. Neways gotta go and finish my food. Chiao!!


Aug 07, 2009

I know this has been running for quite awhile, but I still haven’t named my lappie just yet.

It’s been days really…

It may seem like its a joke by now, I STILL can’t find a suitable name (or maybe I’m just picky) for my lappie. But I did make some progress though. I was able to find candidate names (the best I saw so far) for my lappie and they are:

  • Elita - Think Elite + Lita. Since my lappie does look elite.
  • Ai - Comes from the term A.I. or Artificial Intelligence (which I think my lappie has in a way). It also means “love” in japanese.
  • Andrea - I think this was from a name of a female cyborg on one show I can’t remember what the title was.
  • Eva - The first female. Fitting for my first laptop.
  • Andromeda - Just sounds okay. Also based on one of those scifi shows on cable I think.
  • Galatea - from the myth of Pygmalion & Galatea. Galatea is supposedly the inspiration for cyborg females that are in turn due to men’s deepest desires for the “perfect woman”.

I’m still pondering on a name that will suit my lappie. I know its really pathetic by now, but I’m really determined in giving my lappie the name it deserves. We’ve been thru alot for almost 4 months by now, and my lappie didn’t complain at all. It still works as hard as I expected it to be, and has been a very reliable partner for me. To think my lappie has lasted this long considering the amount of work I put it thru, I’m simply amazed. I even brag about it to my friends who often ask me about my lappie.

And for all that, I can’t even name her…

I’ve been browsing thru alot of potential names, and it just doesn’t seem to click. I feel that my lappie deserves a better name worthy of it. I hope that within the year, I’ll finally be able to give my lappie her name; a name worthy of her.

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