Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updates on my Asus 1000H

So as you may have noticed, I posted away tons of posts from my previous “blog” in order to keep them here. Now of course, an update is a must, if you did read all of them. So here’s what happened after my long hiatus from posting updates about my lappie:

For starters let’s begin with my lappie’s “Bucket List”. Here’s the bucket list, with the ones I’ve already got slapped on my lappie crossed out (with a little footnote on each):

  • Upgrade stock RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Yes this baby still works like a charm
  • Upgrade stock HD from 160GB to 500GB. This is quite memorable to me, since I upgraded my HD and opened my laptop myself. Now with 500GB on my lappie, I’ve got me a mini-multimedia center on the go!!
  • Upgrade stock 1000H battery (Upto 6 hours) to 1000HE battery (Upto 9 hours). I believe the 1000HE battery is compatible with 1000H and vice versa.
  • Buy a screenprotector (I know, I know).
  • Customize it’s look by buying a laptop skin.
  • Get a new netbook sleeve that’s customized.
  • Get a set of cleaning tools (USB powered vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, and LCD cleaner). Got them from CDR-King.
  • Get a portable adapter for the office (so I don’t have to take it’s own adapter all the time).
  • Upgrade OS to Windows 7 Home Edition Final Retail version. Well, let’s just say I got me an OEM copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Retail Version.
  • Giving my laptop a name.

So there you have it. Well as for giving my lappie a name, man that’s a tough one. I’m definitely not giving up yet, maybe one of these days.

I’ve yet to find a very good screen protector, that’s why I still haven’t got one. As for the battery, I’m having a tough time finding one really. I just hope that by next year, I’ll be able to find one.

Oh and yeah, other updates include my computer’s newest performance rating. As you may remember when I first updated my lappie, I got this score:


And now, after updating some stuff under the hood of my lappie, I got this new performance rating:


There’s some notable improvement on the graphics as well as on the Primary Hard disk side of things. Both Processor & my RAM are still on the same score, but its really nice that my lappie’s rating went up a notch. Upgrading FTW!!

Well that’s about it I guess. Until next time!! XD

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  1. hiii, can u run apps lyk GIMP or photoshop on it?? i m willing to buy a netbook ASAP..but my options are
    1- Hp mini 110 3612tu with atom n570 dualcore.
    2- Dell mini 1018 with Atom n450...
    soo does ur single core pc freezes in tym's???
    i lyk dell but hp has dual core..so does it matter most?? pls reply me ASAP...