Thursday, December 3, 2009

Polaroid A544 Review

You wanna own a digital camera, but you’re tight on budget? You want something that’s relatively inexpensive, but isn’t one of those cheapo brands that will breakdown easily? Well look no further, as I present to you, the Polaroid A544 Digital Camera:


For only Php 2,995 pesos you can get a 5MP (Megapixel) digicam that’s fairly capable in taking those everyday shots, and feels very well built for everyday use. I found these on sale as I was shopping at SM Sucat. I saw this on Picture City.


Well since this is my first review, I decided to review this little snazzy digicam for 2 reasons:

  1. I still can’t find any reviews for this particular Polaroid digicam model.
  2. And this is my first digicam that I personally bought for myself. (Not that I haven’t used other digicams in the past)

First off, I’m sure that some of you may recognize the brand Polaroid, but for those who don’t here’s a quick intro about the brand: Polaroid is known as the pioneer of the “instant photo” cameras where pictures are immediately printed from the camera itself right after being taken. It was wildly popular back in the day, and there are still some avid fans of the brand until now.

So anyway let’s move on with the review. Here’s my unboxing of the said unit:


The box definitely shows the key features of the product up front. Simple & clean.


As soon as you open the box, the camera sits right in the middle ready for you to use.


And here we have the contents of the package; the Polaroid A544 camera, a 2GB SD card, USB cable, User-manual with Warranty card (upto 1 year service warranty), Drivers CD with additional photo editing software & 2x AAA batteries (its already inside my camera)


Here’s the camera upfront. Not bad considering the price range. The build feels good & sturdy, while the overall weight of the camera is very light (with batteries included).


Here’s the camera’s back. It hosts a modest 2.5” LCD screen, and easy to use menu buttons. Fairly easy to use really.


The camera’s side. Hosts the USB slot, as well as lens focus.


The top part of the camera. Hosts the power button on the left, and the shutter button on the right.


And on the bottom part of the camera, it features the battery compartment door on the left, SD card slot in the middle, and a tripod slot on the right.

Here’s some quick specs of the said unit:

  • 5.0 MP (megapixel) resolution
  • 2.4” bright LCD display
  • 8X digital zoom
  • 32MB internal memory
  • SD card slot
  • USB slot (plug-and-play)
  • Uses 2x AAA batteries

And here are some of the features:

  • Captures 5MP still-pictures (saves them in JPEG format)
  • Takes video clips in AVI (upto a max of 1 hour running per clip)
  • SD/SDHC compatible (upto 16GB SDHC expandable memory)
  • Auto white balance settings
  • Electronic self-timer (perfect if you want to include yourself in a photo shoot)
  • Red-eye reduction & Auto fill flash
  • PictBridge compatible
  • PC & Mac compatible (plug-and-play)

It may not have the bells & whistles of other well-known digicams, but definitely not bad for the price. Now as for camera itself, its designed with simplicity in mind. This in turn may turn-off photography junkies out there, but for the average dude who’s on a budget; this is a definite winner. Here are some sample pics taken from my unit:









Crisp and clear, not bad if you ask me.

Now as for battery life, well it may get easily worn out within a day. Since it does use 2x AAA batteries, unlike those other rechargeable models out there, that can be a big drawback for some. I would highly suggest that you get rechargeable batteries as soon as you can for this as it does eat batteries easily.

Another problem I would have about the camera is that sometimes, pictures do come blurry. I dunno if that’s because I’m a lousy photographer, but still its not as “point and shoot” as I expect it to be.


  • The price. You got so much for such an amazingly low-price.
  • Easy to use controls. Its one of the easiest to use digicams I’ve tried.
  • Light, yet decently sturdy build.
  • Plug & play connectivity. For both PC & Mac.


  • Easily drains up 2x AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries is highly recommended.
  • Pictures can sometimes be blurry, specially if you don’t focus well. Not exactly as “point and shoot” as I expected.


If you’re a newbie to digital photography and you simply want a decent digicam camera to get your hands on that wouldn’t hurt your budget, you can’t go wrong with the Polaroid A544.



  1. Good Job "Kamote King," naghahanap talaga ako ng review ng camerang ito...Good Job!

  2. nice one.
    appreciate your review.

    you didn't elaborate on the pic posted.
    was it the exact image?
    or did you crop it or resized it (or was it resized during the upload)?
    just so that i can get a better idea on the pic that i'll be getting if i bought the unit.

    Thanks a lot pa rin.
    Good job.

  3. Hi! While using the AAA rechargeable batteries, does it have the same short battery life span? Do we have to recharge every day as well? Thanks..