Friday, January 29, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs Review – part 4 -


Aside from the great characters, the film also successfully replicated Pixar’s magic; a film that’s for everyone to enjoy.

The movie reaches to children and adults alike with cleverly layered messages scattered throughout the film. The feelings of failure, rejection, death, loneliness, betrayal, are all expressively conveyed and cleverly delivered to appeal to both young and old alike.


Also, the movie itself looks wonderful. Hell I can almost say that it’s close to capturing the feel of what made Pixar movies great visually. The movie doesn’t shy away from bombarding special effects to a gleeful degree, that you’re simply immersed in such a wonderfully perky town you’d want to visit yourself.

My only gripe is that in one scene where it involves the loss of a family member, the film didn’t divulge too much on it and actually came to me as a shock. And as quickly as I learned about that event, the film just quickly brushed it off, thus leaving alot to be desired for that particular moment. But overall, it never derails the film entirely and still is a great movie nonetheless.


I was pretty much surprised that a non-Pixar film would have this much quality and fun in it. In fact, I can safely say that this one ranks up there with some of Pixar’s finest. With a tried and true recipe for a story, and memorably charming characters, and witty lines cleverly spread all over the film, it creates a deliciously entertaining film that sure to make you come back for more.


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