Friday, January 29, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs Review – part 3 -


And speakin of characters, they are all loveable and likeable. There’s bound to be someone you’d love. Our main hero, Flint Lockwood does a great job of being a nerdy, bumbling inventor; while his love interest, the perky and loveable Sam Sparks (voiced by Anna Farris) are just great together. They both compliment each other, and their eventual closeness in the film doesn’t feel weird or rush either. It was paced just right, and smartly done, that it never feels corny.


Then there’s Flint’s father, Tim Lockwood (voiced by James Caan) who does a fantastic job with the role. In what seemed to be a boring character, Tim was actually one of the more funnier characters, albeit he didn’t do it on purpose. And the sense he conveys is more of a loving father who simply wants the best for his son, and it shows. I can almost feel his pain in how he’s struggling to reach out and simply say to his son how much he loves him.


Another memorable character in the movie (and my personal favorite) is Officer Earl (voiced by Mr. T himself) who is as entertaining and as funny as the rest of the characters are. And not only is he a comedy relief, he also has enough substance as a loving father who’s willing to take huge risks for his family, particularly his son. The loving father & son dynamic of Officer Earl, and his son Cal, mirrors the huge difference of Flint and his father’s relationship.

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