Friday, January 29, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs Review – part 2 -

And on his quest to be a great scientist for his town, he develops dozens of weird experiments that usually ends up in a funny situation, that just kept the whole film vibrant and full of fun. I mean ratbirds? Seriously? LOL!


Now I suppose part of the film’s charm is in part of the characters themselves and their respective voice dubbers. Lemme just get this out of the way; if you look at it as a whole, the plot is a pretty generic and it has been done for over countless of times. It goes thru the typical cliché where:

  • Oddball hero accidentally invents something cool.
  • Town loves him for it. Including future love interest.
  • Hero for the first time becomes respected and loved, and becomes blinded/drunk with the fame he’s getting.
  • Something screws up his invention. Usually by some error of judgment on the hero’s part.
  • Hero regrets his earlier decisions & tries to set things right.
  • Goes on to live happily ever after.

Seriously, if you read through the list, it would sound pretty familiar right? Because it is. It’s been done alot through that’s pretty cliché. So if that’s how the story would typically go, how the hell would it be interesting enough to watch? Well… because the film is SELF-AWARE that it’s plot is cliché and plays around with it… to great effect.


You see, this film doesn’t try hard to “different”, but embraces the fact that its plot IS cliché, creates scenarios that actually challenges the viewers who has seen these kinds of stories dozens of times. Add the fact that the characters themselves are fully fleshed and are a sight to behold on screen, I’m simply entertained. And that’s what this film does to perfection; its pure unbridled entertainment at its best.

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