Monday, January 25, 2010

Gangster City Review – part 4 -

20Your profile also shows a very neat and presentable look to your mafioso. It quickly displays currently owned properties, collections, weapons equipped, as well as a quick stat check of your associate. My only gripe I guess is that you can’t customize your mafioso and that you can’t see what your mafioso would look like. But since this is still beta, I’m hoping that they would implement that on a future release.

11The item shops are also awesome here and is divided into 3 categories; Free weapons/items, Car Shop, Premium weapons/items shop. Unlike Mafia Wars, you can’t own more than 1 of the same item (but then again what’s the point of owning more than 1 weapon anyway) and there’s plenty of items to get in this game. There are limited slots given to players when they start off, so you'll have to be strategic in equipping weapons and switch them out depending on the mission. You’ll eventually unlock more slots as you level up, thus encouraging players to level up. Same can be said for properties as well.


Considering that the game is only a few weeks old, I’m impressed with that I see so far. Playfish never ceases to impress me with the level of quality they put in their games, and this is just proof that they are definitely THE Facebook game developer to go to for high quality apps. They’re simply pushing what’s possible in Facebook gaming and it shows. I used to play Mafia Wars myself in the past, and I eventually got bored with it as it just became monotonous. With tons of Mafia Wars wannabe’s in Facebook; Gangster City is a breath of fresh air, and gives players something even better. If you like Mafia Wars or any mob-type games in Facebook, it would be a great disservice to yourself not to play this masterpiece.

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  1. Thanks for the review and for including so many screenshots. Well done.