Monday, January 25, 2010

Gangster City Review – part 3 -


The game’s main hub is also pretty slick as it shows you all of the properties you’ve owned so far and where you can get your next mission. Compare that to Mafia War’s property menu:


When shown side by side, Mafia Wars looks really outdated now compared to Gangster City. The level of quality is simply amazing, and it just oozes out in almost every aspect of the game.


Another interesting concept of Gangster City is that you can “upgrade” your family members accordingly depending on what their position is. This way, you can easily manage your members according to their strengths and weaknesses. It’s also useful when sending out your family members to do jobs for you. Pretty cool mechanic indeed.

Another interesting mechanic in this game that was previously in Mafia Wars but was removed, is the ability to rob other mafias in the hood.


This kind of interaction also adds more fun to the game as well. Just a tip; make sure you’re well equipped and heavily armed before even going on a robbing spree.

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