Sunday, January 17, 2010

My “Bucket List” updates & my “04 – 09 Art Journal” – part 1 -

Looks like my little idea caught my friend’s fancy and she also made one of her own: IceGlade's 2010 Checklist

Well as for my very own list, I’ll be updating it abit, and make it like a gamertag/PSN ID. That way I got me a pimped out achievements list of what I accomplished in life. Since they say that life is really just one huge videogame, so why not add achievements system as well like on consoles? XD I’m definitely gonna improve this idea further down the road. With this, I think I’ll just rename this as my “My Life Goals” or something. So here’s how it goes, if its green it means its accomplished, if its a red icon, it means its still not accomplished yet. Anyway here’s my list so far:

laptop-2 To have my own laptop.

(Achievement unlocked: April 14, 2009) I finally own one, its an ASUS 1000H netbook. It’s quite nice really and does the work I wanted it to do.

laptop-1 Screenprotector for my laptop.

I’ll be scouting for one soon. I’d hate to see my laptop’s LCD screen suddenly scratched.

laptop-1Custom laptop skin.

Customize it’s look by buying a laptop skin. I think I’ll ask my friends to make me a custom decal for my lappie.

laptop-2Giving my laptop a name.

(Achievement unlocked: January 13, 2010) I finally have a name for my laptop; I’ll just name it under my penname “DioBrando”. I think I’ll consider adding that to my laptop’s skin.

home Have my own home

This may take awhile, but atleast I’m on my way to getting there, since now I have a regular job. I just need the money to pay off for it.

marriage Get married with the girl that I love.

This may also take awhile, considering I want to get my own home first before even thinking about marriage.

games Make atleast 5 games.

Of course I don’t just want 1 game under my name, but several. But I’ll definitely be creative in designing all of them.

facebook Make my first Facebook game.

You gotta start with one. It doesn’t matter what kind game, as long as it’s on facebook.

ryu Make a fighting game.

I have this concept for a fighting game that I’ve always wanted to do for the longest time. If given a chance, I’d love to develop it for a home console.

rpg Make a RPG game.

I also plan on making an RPG game. I guess I’ll start off with just baby steps, until I get the concept for an RPG I’ve wanted on a decent 3D engine. Also, like my fighting game concept, I’d love to develop it for a home console.

comics Make a comicbook for Komikon.

I wanted to make a full pledged comicbook to be launched on Komikon.

comics Create 5 comicbooks/graphic novels.

And I just don’t want to make 1, but atleast 5 comicbooks/graphic novels.

movies See my works turned into a movie.

Of course, I would also want my works to be successful enough to be adapted into a movie. Being a movie buff that I am, I dream of seeing this one day.

printer Get myself that heat-transfer printer.

I wanted to also make my own t-shirt designs. Having shirts that have my own custom designs!! Coolness!!

wacom Get a Wacom Tablet.

Inline with my goal in making comics/graphic novels, I need a Wacom tablet to help me in my work. I plan to get one this year.

hdtv Get an HDTV.

I wanted to own one because of the crisp clear pictures that will definitely be on this TV if I play games on it.

ps3 Get a PS3.

Ofcourse, I’d love to have a PS3 as well, but I definitely think I’ll own one this year. I think I’m almost close to owning one.

PC Get a desktop PC.

This would also be helpful in my work in making my graphic novel/comicbook.

spanish Learn Spanish.

I want to be able to be fluent in different languages and one of them would be to be fluent in Spanish. Spanish is alot closer to my native tongue so I believe I’d have an easier time to learn this one than other languages.

french Learn French.

I want to learn french is because I want to become like Col. SS. Landa (from the movie “Inglorious Basterds”) Besides french as they say is the language of love.

japan Learn Japanese.

I love anime, and I would love to watch anime in their native tongue, without reading subtitles. Nuff said.

bungee To do bungee jumping.

Hey, I’m a thrill seeking, andrenalin-junkie. So I’d definitely want to do this atleast once in my lifetime…

transformers Get a Transformer toy.

(Achievement unlocked: December 25, 2009) I finally own 2 transfomer toys; Bruticus (Decepticons) & Superion (Autobots). Superion was a gift to me by my GF last christmas, while I bought Bruticus using my money, since it was cheap (I got him for only P800).

voltron Get a Voltron toy.

My ultimate dream ever since I was a kid. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to own a Voltron toy. I used to own one (the Jollibee kids meal version) but one of my nephews kid smashed it to bits when I wasn’t home one day. Lesson learned, get myself a safe cabinet to store and display my collection.

digicam Get a digital camera.

I gave my Polaroid Digital cam to my youngest sister on her birthday, since she needs it more than I do, so I’m gonna buy a new one for myself.

videocam Get a digital camcorder/videocam.

I want to be an amateur film director and atleast try to direct/make short films as a hobby and that’s why I want to invest on a modest videocam that will do just that.

gym Lose weight and gain some muscle.

I want to be in shape to be able to cosplay atleast, and fit in nicely with new clothes I buy. I’d love to look good for my GF.

boxing Learn boxing/self-defense skills

If there’s anything I learned after being almost killed by a holdaper on my way home, is to atleast learn how to defend yourself when the situation calls for it. Thus I want to be able to learn atleast 1 self-defense skill.

bank A bank account with atleast Php50K.

This is for me to be able to have a sort of trust fund or safety fund that I can depend on when there’s things that suddenly didn’t go as planned.

credit Get a credit card.

This is for me to be able to start up in building a decent credit record, as well as for me to be able to get more things I want to buy easier.

car Get a car.

For me to be able to go places. I don’t mind what kind of a car I get, as long as it’s working, durable and reliable when I’m on the road.

iwata Meet Satoru Iwata of Nintendo.

I’d love to sit down and chat with this guy. I want to atleast get to know in person the man behind the success story of Nintendo.

IGA Meet Koji Igarashi of Konami.

Since I’m a Castlevania fan, it’s my dream to talk to this guy and atleast know what he’s upto. I would also share my thoughts on Castlevania and other stuff that I think he missed out on when he was still the director of the series.

miyamoto Meet Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo.

All who aspire to be videogame designers are in the industry because of this guy. He’s the main reason why the videogame industry is big as it is today, because of his game; Super Mario Bros.

kojima Meet Hideo Kojima of Konami.

As the creator of the Metal Gear series, I would love to sit down and chat with the man. And to atleast tell him how much I appreciate his work and how it affected me as well as a game designer.

pacquiao Meet Manny Pacquiao.

I have very high regards with this man, and his passion for boxing, as well as his humbleness in admitting that without God, he won’t be where he is today.

berlin Meet Berlin Manalaysay.

One of the reasons why I was inspired to make comics. I’m one of his avid fans back in the day when he was still releasing Combatron back in Funny Komiks. I grew up reading his work, and I would love to have the opportunity to thank him for giving me a hero to look up to when I was younger.

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