Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Review – part 1 -

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I’ll start off 2010, with my first movie review of the year. And I’m definitely glad of the movie I picked; Sherlock Holmes.


Directed by Guy Ritchie, the same guy who directed the awfully awkward and butchered remake of “Swept Away” starring his then-wife Madonna, you’d think that this film would be half as bad as that one. However, miraculously (or maybe because Madonna’s now out of the picture) Guy Ritchie actually makes this film work!

Starring Robert Downey Jr.(as the titluar protagonist, Sherlock Holmes) is very capable for the role. Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes expert, and I have very little knowledge of the character, but I must say his version of Holmes is very engaging and interesting, and wonderfully played as well. My only quirk is that his still carries some of his “aura” as Tony Stark (Iron Man), and I simply can’t seem to separate him from the character. I only hope that on the sequel, Tony, i mean Robert Downey Jr. should be able to craft a distinct “aura” for Holmes that will separate him from Tony Stark whenever he’s on the screen.

The most drastic and best part of this film, was Dr. Watson’s transformation from a bumbling idiot, into a capable ally worthy to be by Sherlock’s side.

Dr-Watson Played by Jude Law, his version of Dr. Watson makes him at even odds with Sherlock Holmes, as his partner. It’s like he’s the brawns of the duo, saving Sherlock Holmes’ ass on more than one occasion. This move not only makes Dr. Watson more badass, but also serves as one of the more better moments in the movie, where he and Sherlock constantly engage in alot of bickering, ranting and just slapping each other silly at times. He and Robert certainly has a great deal of chemistry when they’re together and I love the dynamic between their friendship/partnership.

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