Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It’s finally here. XD
I never thought this day would arrive, but it’s finally here. Honestly, I didn’t expect on getting myself a brand new Nintendo DSi XL, because I was supposed to use my money to have my PS3’s Bluray drive repaired so I can play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. However, as soon as I was contemplating where to have my PS3 repaired, I thought to myself, “why have my PS3 repaired when I will only be playing it once every week, when I can have a portable handheld that will keep me busy everyday, specially during my commute when it’s the traffic is so damn heavy?”
I asked a couple of friends of mine about it; whether I’d go have my PS3 repaired or get myself a Nintendo DSi XL to backtrack on games I missed out when I sold my Nintendo DS Lite back then. Majority of my friends seem to agree that the DSi XL is the better choice as opposed to having the PS3 repaired as I’m more on the go than I am at home.
Having said that, I went ahead and called my trusted local gaming shop; Rocksoft Online (www.rocksoftonline.com) and ordered my package there. Since I was a regular customer; they gave me such a sweet deal with my Nintendo DSi XL. They gave me the unit for Php 11,300 (roughly $225) which is packaged with:
  • iEDGE flashcart (easy to use, hassle-free flashcart)
  • 4GB microSD card (SanDisk with free SD card adapter)
  • 220V charger (the one included in the unit was 110V since it was a US unit)
  • Crystal casing (to prevent scratches on my DSi XL)
  • Screen protectors (to prevent scratches on the screens)
The sweet thing was, they even threw in free shipping to my office which was really nice of them. Loved their service.
Anyhow, I got my package at around 12NN, with their delivery personnel waiting for me at the office (I was out at the time he arrived). After giving him my payment for the package, he let me inspection the unit for any issues with it whatsoever. Top notch service Rocksoft guys, kudos to you people!!
Anyway, here’s a simple unboxing of my unit:
The front and back of the box. Pretty nice. They really made an effort to show you that their screens is 93% bigger than the original Nintendo DS lite (the one which I owned before) but we’ll get to those screens later.
Not only was the DSi XL unit itself huge, but even the manuals are now bigger and thicker!! It’s like ridiculously thick!!
Here it is, the charger, the Nintendo DSi XL, and the new XL stylus.
The new stylus is pretty comfortable to hold but can be a hassle to bring. So I just kept it at home, incase my mom wants to use it instead of the regular DSi XL stylus.
The DSi XL itself. I got myself the bronze unit, and it has a slight brownish tone to it, but it’s the closest I can get to it being black (unless of course Ninty decided to release one).
The screens are HUGE. And the surprising thing about it is, the game didn’t look stretched out. In fact the look even more better in the larger screen than they ever were back in DS Lite. I love the screens so much, that I’m willing to play all of the games I finished back then in my DS Lite and finish them all over again. XD
Here’s a sample of how it compares with my sister’s Nintendo DS Phat:
I don’t regret ever purchasing the DSi XL. In fact, its probably the best decisions I’ve made so far, and I’m loving it. Ahhh together atlast… XD

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