Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend Loot!! XD

Alright, I was supposed to post this before, but I guess I was too preoccupied with a lot of stuff so yeah. Anyway, better late than never.

Last weekend, I actually TONS of loot and stuffs that it felt like it was Christmas already!! XD Remember I said in my previous blog post about me buying my gundam kits in megamall after I opened an account in BPI? Here it is:


There was like a crazy sale of Gundam kits in Toy Kingdom that I HAD to get me the complete set of Gundam 00, which happens to be my favorite in the Gundam series. I got myself the 1/144 First Grade kit, which was really cheap. The prices range from as low as P299 – P450. Not bad at all.


Sadly, I don’t have a complete tool set yet to assemble and paint them all, so I’ll be keeping them for awhile, till I have the tools to finally assemble them. Atleast I have all 4 which is good enough for me.

The following day, I went out to meet a friend of mine whom I promised to treat out at a local pizza joint. She also wanted to meet me so that I can finally have my hands on the long awaited delayed christmas/birthday gift; a copy of Castlevania. XD


And yes, I’m rubbing it in my cheek. I’m such a Castlevania fanboy. XD

But the one thing that caught me off-guard was that she has other gifts to give me as well!! First was this little cutie:


It’s a poring slime from the MMORPG; Ragnarok Online. He serves as a paperweight in the office, and a cute display too. XD But this was by far the best of them all:


At first I thought this was for her, but I was surprised when she suddenly gave me this one. You see, I play DotA (Defense of the Ancients) a lot with my GF and friends, and Traxex the Drow Ranger happens to be my favorite hero. Yeah I know this isn’t Traxex, but she looks JUST LIKE HER, so who cares about the name. I’m calling her Traxex the Drow Ranger and that’s that. XD


She’s simply a sight to behold. Now I don’t usually collect figurines, but since this one’s a gift (and one that I like a lot) its definitely a keeper. A special thanks to my friend; Stacy Garcia for these wonderful goodies!! You’ve definitely made my day man.

And last but not the least, I finally got my netbook it’s much deserved skin protector. Here it is:


Now my netbook is definitely personalized, and looks more badass with its brand new “tattoo”. XD A special thanks as well to my ever-loving GF; Kate Navasero for my netbook’s brand new “tattoo”. XD

Hopefully by Christmas, I get to finally have my own digital camera as well, just like my GF’s, so I can take better pictures for my blog. ^___^


  1. Nice post, you are most welcome sweetie! Cute ng poring, haha.

  2. @Kitten:
    XD Yeah I know!! Cutey cute nga sya. XD

  3. funny ng mga pose mo. hahaha:)

  4. Gundam!! Drool... I have the heavy arms and a winged gundam which i cannot remember the name of.

  5. @Meedge:
    Hahahahaha!! Thank you!! XD Sorry for teh uber late reply. Well I do act a kid alot when I'm with my better half so yeah. Young at heart ika nga. XD

    @Lady E:
    UY FELLOW GUNDAM FAN!! *apir* As for my gundams, actually eto lang ata ung only gundam set I ever got for myself (aside from the ones from Gundam Wing) kasi di ko natripan ung mga bagong lumabas na Gundam animes. You know what's ironic though, up until now, I still haven't unboxed and started building them up yet. Wala pa kasi akong tools to paint them and such (OC ako I know) so yeah. Most likely next year ko pa sila maaassemble. T___T

  6. I agree that the new Gundam animes don't compare to the original Gundam. Even the Gundams themselves parang naging corny. Mas astig ung mga old school.

    Can't wait to see the after pics!

  7. @Lady E:
    I know right?! Try mo panoodin yung Gundam 00, it would definitely revive your interest in the Gundam series I bet. XD As for the after pics, yep I'll be posting them as soon as they are assembled. XD