Saturday, November 20, 2010

SYMA Minicopters @ SM!! XD

You know back then when you were a kid in the 80s and early 90s and RC (Remote Controlled) toys were the “in” thing? I’m one of those kids. I find them amusing and well they’re like close to videogames; they give me a chance to know what’s it like to drive a real sports car or fly a copter, even if its just a toy. XD

Back then RCs were damn expensive. Like those things would cost you thousands of pesos and drains batteries faster than other toys. No fun. Fast forward to 2010, RCs nowadays are getting better and well… cheaper!! And just today, I was at SM Bicutan, trying to find a KFC branch that still has a KFC Double down sandwich available. Sadly I never found one, but I did end up getting upclose and personal with these new RC copters!!

There was this crazy sale of RC copters at SM. They’re SYMA branded and from what I’ve been seeing they look real good. Here’s some of the pics of them that I got with my phone:


The lowest priced copter they have is this one, the Falcon Terminator X. Priced at Php1000, they offer lifetime warranty in-case your copter gets busted, they’d give you free replacement of parts if the said part is available. Not bad!!


The reason why they’re giving lifetime warranty for these, is that they are confident with the quality of the build of these copters. In-fact the sales rep gave me a little demonstration of just how durable these things are.

Lemme tell you, I was actually shocked at first when the guy demoed me this. I was scared for the helicopter and I thought it would break into pieces and the poor sales guy would have to pay for the copter. But damn, did that copter survive!! They we’re not kidding when they mentioned it was built for abuse indeed!! Here’s some pictures of that copter that was put thru the stress test after being banged and crashed to the floor:


Honestly, I am surprised that it still looks good!! Nice!!

These babies run on 6AA batteries which is slapped on the controller. The copter itself runs on rechargeable batteries, and the sales guy mentioned you can plug the copter to the controller to charge it. They also have a model which can be charged via USB. Niceee~

Definitely loved it and now I’m definitely tempted in getting one. I prolly be getting that aluminum alloy type that can be charged via USB. XD Which looks like this:

Till then guys!! ^___^

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