Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Komikon 2010 Experience!!

Yep, this is abit of a long overdue post. Sorry I was caught up with a lot of work these past few days.

Anyway, all I can say was Komikon 2010 was…. AWESOME!! You can literally feel the love for the industry as long lines start as early as 10AM. It was such a blissful feeling seeing that the local komiks industry is getting more and more support every year.

I was also surprised that despite the change of venue, the crowd was even more larger than last year. And to think I was worried that putting it in Starmall, instead of Megamall would be an issue, I was dead wrong.

Anyway, I came in hoping to get the latest issues of comicbooks that I was waiting for (namely; Trese book 4, ZsaZsa Zaturnnah book 2, Cat’s Trail 3, Pasig, Kubori Kikiam 3 and The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal) sadly some of them weren’t there. Sad smile

But atleast Kubori Kikiam’s new book was there, and here’s it’s creator Taga-Kanal happily getting moniez, then signing my copy. LOL!!


Instead of walking out of the convention, I opted this year to be more open to try out new titles; namely get more indie komiks. And boy, was there A LOT of indie komiks this year!! I mean this is just a FEW of the many indies out there:


And here’s some pictures of the artists who’s work I got this year:


And yes, I got the one and only Pol Medina Jr. to autography my copy of Pugad Baboy 22!! XD


Man, and I’m actually impressed with the quality of works the indies are churning out this year. I guess competition just got better eh? Overall I bought tons of indies this year, and here’s a picture of my Komikon haul this year:


Gawd tons of indies. And as usual, here’s my annual “I got broke at Komikon” photo:



  1. This just... makes me sadder that I didn't finish on time. :(

  2. @Reg:
    Salamat papi! XD Uy kamusta ka na ba men?

    LOL! Ikaw eh! XD

  3. @Lady E:
    Hello!! Sorry for the UBER LATE REPLY!! T___T I don't blog alot unlike my better half, so yeah. You know, I actually got lucky in getting a picture with Pol Medina. He's a very nice guy really. Kwela pa in person!! LOL!! XD