Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist!! XD

Well as requested by my boss/friend; here’s my Christmas Wishlist for this year. This is for our christmas party and atleast would give whoever would be my exchange gift an idea of what EXACTLY I’d want this Christmas. And I made sure these stuff won’t cost more than Php1000 atleast. Anyway, here’s the list:


5 pcs. Tamiya or Mr. Color Acrylic Paint

  • I need this in order to finally paint and assemble my Gundam 00 kits. I need the following colors: Black, White, Dark Grey, Red, and Yellow. I believe you can find these in ParkSquare in Makati.


Gundam Markers (1 set)

  • Same as the Tamiya/Mr. Color acrylic paints, I’d need this to complete my Gundam 00 kits. Since this is already a set, I believe all of the colors I’d need are in here. I believe you can get these in toyshops in Greenhills/Virramall.


4GB or higher USB flashdrive

  • Since I transfer files most of the time, I’d need this one. The higher the size, the better. But the lowest I’d like would be 4GB at least. These can be bought at CDR-King.


Canson A4 Sketchpad + 3pcs. Unipin drawing pen

  • I love this sketchpad. It’s simply great to draw on and doesn’t have problems with inks. Problem is this is very hard to find at times. And no I don’t want any other sketch pad brands aside from this one. Also as for the 3 unipin drawing pens I’d like to come with this sketchpad for my gift, I’d want .01 .05 and a .08 pen.


Sanyo Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries

  • I’d need atleast 2 pcs. of these batteries. Proven to be long-lasting and very energy efficient, I’d need these for my digicam. These can be bought at CDR-King.

NOTE: To my family who’s planning on that xmas exchange gift, I will have a separate list for you guys. This is for my friends only.


  1. I'll make a separate BF christmas list then. heehee.

  2. @Kitten:
    Ahhh edi ako din gawa ako ng separate na GF christmas list just for you. /gg Pero nahhh alam mo na gusto ko sa xmas eh. *TUGUDUGUDUGUDUG*