Thursday, December 16, 2010

National Bookstore’s Project Aklat

Hi guys!!

Yesterday, as I was strolling at SM Bicutan lookin for stuff to buy this christmas (as well as checking out some really neat RC helicopters which I made a blog post about last night) I went by National Bookstore to look for some art materials. Then I saw like this box in the center that says “Project Aklat”


Curious, I asked about it. Apparently, Project Aklat, is a Christmas book drive where they would donate books bought from the store to kids who are less fortunate. Proceedings would also go to the National Book Store Foundation. I have a lot of things to be thankful of in my life, specially now that I have so much, I wanted to atleast give back to others who aren’t so fortunate.


So I picked up a book I thought would be really cool among the rack of books, and went off to pay for it and write a small dedication to however it is that will be receiving the book. I picked this particular book coz I think it was really nice. (I guess the title got me XD)


Hope whoever it is that will get this have a great time reading it. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!! Open-mouthed smile

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