Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SYMA S107 sighted at SM Bicutan!!

Quick post!!

Well for those of you peepz who read my previous post about RC helicopters, might remember that if ever I’ll get one, I’d want to get a SYMA S107. Reading the raving reviews about that helicopter about how easy it is to fly one, and the availability of parts online, I wanted to get one for myself.

Back then the SYMA S107 is very hard to get by in SM malls, and usually you have to find dealers online and sadly buying from them won’t give you any warranty for servicing your copter if ever it gets broken.

Well, as I was strolling at SM Bicutan today, I passed by the RC helicopter section. I was able to talk again to the guy in my previous post who demoed the helicopters to me. I asked him again about the SYMA S107 copter and he mentioned at first that he never heard if there was any shipment of the said model. However, as he went thru his stock of helicopters to see if there’s any helicopter I may get interested in, he saw a particular helicopter that caught my attention.


As you can see on the lower right it’s a SYMA brand copter (but distributed under the Speed-Tech brand locally). However, upon closer inspection of the helicopter itself, it’s really a SYMA S107 copter that’s rebranded for the local market!!


Not only does it look the same, it even has the S107 logo on the hood. Just to see how it flies in person, I asked for a demonstration and I recorded it using my Samsung ES30 digicam. Here’s the copter in action:

However, as cool as this copter maybe, its priced really high at around Php 2,500+. At that price, its gonna be hard competing with another RC copter with gyro that’s being sold locally which is apparently a rebranded Falcon X copter that’s being sold for only Php1,600. For now, considering the price, I’ll have to hold my reservations and just wait for the price to drop. Php 2,000+ is way too much money for me to plunk down on a RC copter.

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