Saturday, January 8, 2011


I love Monopoly. XD

I kinda grew up playing that game back then. And the one I played wasn’t exactly the “official” version, but rather a local knock-off called “Millionaire’s game”. And I love it.

Fast-forward to 2011, I still have fond memories of that game. And recently I just played a version of the game on my PSP, and it simply gave me so much nostalgia that I had an urge to finally get myself the real “official” version. But I won’t just settle for ANY version. For this one, I wanted a very particular version of Monopoly; the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.


You see back then, when you play monopoly it usually involves paper money which can be very messy to setup at times. But with the new electronic banking setup, its much more easier to keep track of your money.

I saw one online for sale at around $30, and that doesn’t include shipping yet. I was actually tempted on buying it online the other day, so imagine my surprise when I found a similar one inside SM’s Toy Kingdom. The good thing was they were putting it up on a discounted price so I immediately got myself one since it was the last box. I got myself the “Here and Now Edition: with Electronic Banking”, and I got it for around Php1,700.

Here’s my simple unboxing:


As for the electronic banking system, I made a video review of it just to demonstrate just now the system works (and to show how cool it is in action)

It’s pretty neat and really cool. I definitely love the nice upgrades they’ve made on the game, and I simply can’t wait to play with my GF one day. Definitely a must-have version for any Monopoly fan out there.

PS: I hope Hasbro would release a Philippine Edition with the Electronic Banking system as well here. I’d definitely get that if ever that gets released. XD

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