Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance coming to the PS3!!


As a big fan of action-RPGs (like Diablo II) I was HUGELY disappointed when I heard a few days ago that Torchlight was going to be exclusively available on the Xbox360. Torchlight, like Diablo II, an addicting action RPG (which also happens to be made by the same team who made the first 2 Diablo games) is a game I’ve been wanting to play but never had a chance coz it wont run on my netbook.

Here’s some gameplay footage from Torchlight:

However, I suddenly heard that a similar game, called Dungeon Hunter, was going to be coming to the PS3’s PSN Store. Intrigued, I checked it out… and I was literally excited on getting this for my PS3. Here’s a trailer vid:

Both looks pretty similar and plays just the same as well. What I can’t confirm though is if Dungeon Hunter will have a pet system similar to Torchlight (which was an uber convenient feature IMHO) but overall it looks like it’s a decent action RPG to satisfy my gaming itch. I love the fact that the game features both local and online multiplayer, although I’ve yet to see if you can login multiple profiles in a PS3. But for what its worth, its definitely a game worth checking out if you’re like who dying for a Diablo-type game on their PS3. Here’s some more shots of the game in action:

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  1. so you buy this using a PSN card? how much is the game?

  2. @Kitten:
    Yup. Di ko pa alam ung exact price though, but I'm guessing its roughly $10 lang. Mura na din for an action RPG na pwede multiplayer. XD

  3. To no avail, I've searched day after day for any accurate release date for DH:A. Have you read/seen/heard anything?

  4. @Bradtastic:
    Me neither. All I heard was its gonna be released first quarter of this year. Here's hoping it gets out soon, coz man I'm definitely itching for a dungeon crawler like this one. But don't worry, I'll update my blog if ever I find new info about it.