Friday, January 28, 2011

Reflections of my past, using my past characters I created…

To those who haven’t known yet, I draw alot. And I think I draw pretty decently. As I lay restless tonight, I suddenly looked back at how different my works have been over the years. As an aspiring comic artist, I haven’t been officially done anything that’s for public consumption yet, but I have done quite a few stories in the past that I’ve yet to release.

In so many ways, the characters I created (but haven't released in public form yet) represented the different phases of my life. So far here’s a list of the characters I’ve done over the years:

  • A hopeless romantic who falls for his pink haired "imaginary friend" (My Imaginary Girlfriend)


  • A rebellious youth who despises authority, with a fiery temper to match his flame-like powers (PH2: The Psychic Police)


  • A charismatic & virtuous leader who falls out of grace due to the betrayal of his most closest friend (Ascalon: Book 1)


  • A friend who seeks to mend his past mistakes he did to a friend, and to prevent him from bringing the world into destruction (Ascalon: Book 2)


  • A pair of top assassins in the world, suddenly are betrayed by the organization that raised them. (Untitled Story)


  • A dhampir, that hunts his kind, tries to find a way to fit in a world that doesn’t accept him for what he is (Knight of Grey)
  • A clockwork robot hero, forgotten by time (Tentative title: OZ)

In so many ways, these characters represented in some form, a part of me and what I stood for and believed in at the time. It’s interesting that time can change a person, in the same way how different my characters are from one another. I hope to be able to release all of them in the future… someday, somehow. Hopefully one of them comes out this year.

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