Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nintendo's Pre-E3 2014 teaser!! (HINT: It's amazing) :D

If there's one gaming company that never forgets that video games first and foremost is all about bringing smiles on one's face; its Nintendo. And as much as I'm dismayed by Nintendo's WiiU efforts, there's a certain charm to be had with Nintendo's company as a whole. It's just DAMN FUN! :D

If you need proof of that, then you need to look no further than  mean their latest Pre-E3 2014 teaser:

This video was made by Nintendo in partnership with Mega64, which is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!! :D Not only was it creative, it was also full of pre-E3 announcements by Nintendo themselves. I'll be honest I was actually waiting for a "My Body is Ready" joke somewhere in that video. XD

Quite frankly, Nintendo's E3 events make E3 events more magical to gaming fans like me. That being said, I hope Nintendo does their magic this year with E3 and help save their ailing console; the WiiU. If they can turn around what was previously a lagging Nintendo 3DS handheld, I'm praying they can also do the same for the WiiU. Just more games Nintendo, particularly ones that are also available on rival consoles. That's what would sell me to your console. :)

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