Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Work-in-Progress on my RG Destiny Gundam kit.

As promised on my previous post, here's my work-in-progress update regarding my Real Grade (RG) Destiny Gundam kit.

Jumping from the Advance Grade (AG) kits, to the RG kits is definitely no joke. These kits are really complex, and rivals that of Master Grade (MG) or even some Perfect Grade (PG) kits from Bandai. Add the fact that they are only 1/144 size, these kits can be quite difficult for beginners, due in part to the sheer number of runners in the kit, as well as the size of some parts. Here's some pictures of me building parts of the kit, starting with the feet.

What strikes me with the RG kit, is the sheer detail Bandai put in the kit. All those separate pieces that make up the feet, at a 1/144 scale impressed me alot. But they didn't stop there, they even went as far as making an internal frame for this kit, at a scale of 1/144, as seen on the legs.

Remember when I said about this kit having really small parts? I experienced seeing that first hand, when I started building the waist. It was really so small, I had to assemble some of the parts using a tweezer.

I'm simply amazed at the amount of detail and pieces this kit has. Considering it's scale at 1/144, they managed to put in alot of detail and separate colored parts for the kit. It's a marvel of engineering that the folks at Bandai that made this RG kit much more awesome. :D

As you can see in the previous picture, I already started doing some panel lines to the kit. And the way I did the panel line wasn't using Gundam Panel line markers, which would leave a far thicker stroke than I wanted. Instead, I used a technique called "Panel Line Wash". Here's a video tutorial I found on YouTube on how to do it:

And the result is something like this:

The low-res photo's not good enough to show the detail? Thankfully, my friend came to visit me a few days ago and with the help of his awesome cameras; the Fujifilm HS25EXR (a bridge camera) and the Pentax K100D Super (a DSLR), he was able to take amazing shots of my RG Destiny Gundam kit, as seen below:

You view the rest of the photos, as well as his other photography work at his blog:

If there's one nitpick I have to say about the RG kit, its those damn foil stickers. They just won't stick, as the stickers seem to lack adhesive in them to stick well to the plastic. You can actually see the foil stickers almost peeling off on the pictures above (the wing part). But here's a closer look of what I mean.

I hope Bandai would fix this issue really, as I'd hate to remove those shiny foil stickers just because it doesn't stick well to the kit. Anyway, looking forward to finishing this kit by applying the water slide decals and topcoat next!! :D

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