Monday, May 12, 2014

I just joined the Gundam Model Kit Competition 2014!!

Remember the RG Destiny Gundam that I was working on previously? Well as I mentioned in a previous post, I bought the RG kit to join a Gundam Model Kit Competition here in the Philippines.

Considering it was my first time, I'm both excited and abit nervous at the same time. It's definitely an experience for me. :D So here's the completed build of my RG Destiny Gundam (now complete with decals and top coating). Kindly forgive the quality as I was using my celfone's camera to get the pics.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how the decal turned out, however what I'm NOT happy about is how my topcoat turned out. In the pictures it looks okay, but when I touch the kit, it feels... rough and abit flaky. And upon further research, I realized I should've used an ACRYLIC based topcoat instead of a LACQUER based topcoat. Apparently, lacquer based topcoat isn't good to spray on unpainted kits (like mine) as it leaves a rough flaky surface. Big mistake on my part. That and I should've gone with Bosny to which tons of local gunpla fans swear by. Next time I'm getting a Bosny Acrylic based topcoat. Hopefully there's a clear variant that's gloss or semi gloss as I'm not fond of flat coats.

So I went ahead to SM North where the competition is being held, and man... that place was like Gundam heaven!!

They had tons of gunpla on display even, made by alot of professional gunpla builders in the country. And quite frankly I'm amazed with the stuff they put out!!

Not only that, but the event also featured a Gundam Caravan, where old and new gunpla builders get a free Gundam kit (this time is the awesome Gundam AGE-1 Normal, unlike the Genoace), and it looked like alot of people joined in, both young and old.

And damn, they even went all out with some notable gundam model kits on sale!! Some even getting as high as a 50% price cut!! :D

If I had the budget for it, I would've purchased that sweet Gundam AGE-1 Normal Mega-Size gunpla. At Php3,500, its a very sweet price for such a ridiculously huge gunpla. I'm prayin and crossing my fingers that it is still available when I get back on May 18th. :P

That aside, SM Toy Kingdom and Bandai, also used the event to heavily promote the upcoming Philippine screening of Gundam Unicorn's final episode on the big screen. On the event are some wonderfully looking model kits, limited edition gunpla releases for Gundam Unicorn, trailers, and more.

That aside, another wonderful surprise I got that day was I got me 2 free tickets for the screening of the last episode of Gundam Unicorn, because I was a contestant for the Gundam Model Kit Competition! :D I thought I had to purchase a gunpla kit worth Php400 or more for me to be entitled to get a movie ticket (as it states on the rules and flyers for this promo), but I guess I got really lucky!

Thank you Bandai and SM Toy Kingdom!! Can't wait to watch this on the 18th!! :D Anyway, without further ado, here's my RG Destiny Gundam entry on the Gundam Model Kit Competition!! :D

Had a hard time finding a nice pose, but I settled with something that's more stable so to speak. However, after going back to the event after an hour having dinner, the arms holding the rifle was already dropping, that I had to change his pose.

I had to settle with that pose, just to keep the pose in. Oh well, I hope its good enough. :P Anyway, to cap the day off, I took pictures of the 2 huge gunplas on display at the event. Theya re roughly 5-6 feet tall, and is a marvel to behold:

Overall, I had such an amazing time that day, and I can't wait to go back. Thanks SM and Bandai for bringing much love to gundam fans here in the Philippines!! Here's to more events like this in the future!! :D

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  1. Hi, are you using flat or glossy coat for this RG Destiny?