Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends latest trailer!!

For those of you, who like me, can't wait for the upcoming sequel to the phenomenal live-action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin, well good news!! Warner Bros Japan, has released a new trailer with english subtitles!! Here's the latest trailer:

The trailer simply blew me away!! Some notable changes I've noticed in the trailer, is that the infamous Pagoda where Kenshin and his companions fought their way upto Shishio, is now gone. In its place is the massive battleship, which was also in the anime/manga, but it wasn't where the final fight took place. And if the trailer is any indication, Kenshin's towering master; Seijuro Hiko, is also missing in action.

Here's Shishio looking menacing
behind a roaring flame 
Kenshin saying his goodbye to Kaoru.
Kinda wished they did the scene at night
with the fireflies giving a somber mood to
the scene like in the anime.
Aoshi Shinomori looking grim and a lot less bishie. 
I wonder how this famous scene between
Kenshin and Soujiro would play out
in the movie. I hope the flashback scene
also appears in the movie.
May not be the pagoda, but hey atleast they got all 4
of the characters in the scene against Shishio. :D
YES!! Shishio's Homura Dama slash is confirmed
to be in the movie!! :D
But overall, I'm quite pleased with what I saw in the trailer so far. A very good indication of things to come in the final cut of the film. :D And while the film has yet to be confirmed to arrive here in the Philippines, its predecessor's immense popularity, and the growing number of anime film screenings on SM Cinemas should be a good indication that it should arrive on our shores as well. Can't wait!! :D

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