Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet the Travelling Gundam!! :D

As a gundam fan, and gunpla builder, I've always admired and loved seeing Gundam kits in dioramas or settings that would recreate a particular scene in the anime. However, for the most part, gundams model kits are usually stored on display cabinets and are rarely played with. And as much as I do understand why most model kit builders do that (in fear of breaking the model), I also realize that for awhile most gundam fans eventually get tired of their model kits and sell em off to dispose of them or worse... throw them in the garbage bin. :(

After some thought, I recall of a particular story from the internet where a garden gnome goes off on an adventure of a lifetime, travelling from one place to another instead of being stuck inside a garden lawn.

So I thought, probably some modellers already did this. And upon searching the net, I came up empty handed. And so, I thought it might be fun to try making a gundam version of this, and so I took my most stable and favorite model kit around; the 1/144 Advance Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal, and decided to go on a vacation with friends with him. To be safe, I reinforced my kit with some super glue on some parts that might fall apart and added some layer of topcoat to ensure the panel lining wouldn't wash out after I splashed it in the water.

And the result? The "Travelling Gundam" was born. :D

For our first trip together, we went to Water Camp in Cavite Philippines. It was a pretty nice swimming resort that served as the perfect starting point for my "Travelling Gundam" project. :D

It was a great way to get the project started. And with the help of my friends, who had with them an awesome waterproof camera, I got me some amazing underwater shots with my Travelling Gundam.

I definitely had fun with this project and I look forward to taking my Travelling Gundam to more adventures soon!! :D

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