Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nintendo's E3 2014 is simply pure FUN!

It's E3 week again, and as a gamer, I look forward yearly to the 3 gaming giant's (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) press conferences. And just like last year, Nintendo goes for an unconventional approach to E3 with a "Digital Event" compared to an actual live press conference that both Sony and Microsoft always does. Last year, Nintendo's attempt at this was dismal at best. It proved to be the weakest outing of the 3 and quite frankly I was expecting worse this year.

Thankfully, Nintendo proved me wrong. Starting off with an awesome pre-E3 presentation, they delivered a uniquely memorable E3 showing this year. If you want to watch the entire Digital Event, simply click the video below:

Right off the bat, they made it clear, that Nintendo isn't just about games... its about HAVING FUN. And their Digital Event, helped push that point even further, with this.

I mean SERIOUSLY, where on earth can you find 2 gaming industry big wigs duking it out ala JoJo Bizarre's Adventure?! While Sony and Microsoft's CEOs are busy trying to look "professional", only in Nintendo's bizarre world can you find the Global President and the COO having fun while dressed in corporate attire.

To add more fun into the mix, they even employed the guys from Robot Chicken, to give a slight jab to the demanding fans, as well as adding some humor into the presentation.

And this is what separates Nintendo from the competition. Admittedly, watching both Microsoft and Sony's E3 was great, but abit samey, Nintendo's Digital Event was a breath of fresh air. Sure I do miss the crowd reaction, but I'm having a blast just watching the entire Nintendo event, compared to Microsoft which quite frankly bored me to tears.

Also, Nintendo announced their brand new "Amiibo" platform. Similar to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but with Nintendo's characters. Here's the trailer:

But when all boils down to it, its all about the games... and Nintendo delivered. Some of them shown during the digital event, some shown afterwards. Here's but a few of the games (I'm personally excited about) that Nintendo has in-store for gamers.

There were also a few new games announced during the Digital Event, and one of them that caught my attention, was a brand new IP called "Splatoon". Check out the announcement trailer for the game:


According to an interview with IGN, Reggie claims that Splatoon will do to FPS, what Mario Kart did to racing games. Here's the said interview:

And judging from the video trailer, and pretty much stoked actually. I really am looking forward to playing the game myself, although part of me wishes that Nintendo should also release this on the 3DS, as they did with Mario Kart. Seriously that handheld NEEDS FPS games right now...

But as awesome as these trailers and unveilings are, nothing compares to the short teaser that Nintendo prepared for gamers for the upcoming Legend of Zelda for the WiiU.

WOW. I've never been this excited over a Zelda game for quite some time. And hearing that it is all open world ala Skyrim, and with gorgeous graphics, with the Legend of Zelda touch, makes me all fanboy glee inside.

At first I was in shock and disbelief with Nintendo abandoning the traditional way of doing a press con. But after watching their Digital event, I'm convinced, that this is the way to go. With edited pre-recorded Digital events such as these, companies are able to better present their new games without any technical difficulties or awkward unscripted jokes that most press cons are known for (remember Mr. Caffeine? Ugghhh). With an edited event, it feels more focused and gives more leeway for companies to be creative in their presentations and be more entertaining overall.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if either Microsoft or Sony takes a page out of Nintendo's E3 outing this year for their next E3 event next year. Overall, congratulations Nintendo!! You nailed it this year. :D

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