Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Post: My Epic God of War birthday cake!! :D

Earlier today, I was tagged by my significant other on a list of geeky cakes that geeks like me would love. Upon seeing the list it was alright, but I think the list missed out on the epic God of War cake (beautifully made by the folks at Captain's Mix and Magic) I got before on my 29th birthday. :D And so, since for some reasons I haven't exactly talked about it, I decided why not make a throwback post of sorts? :D

Here's the cake in its glory.

It's basically a cake recreation of the box art of God of War II.

When the project first started, I was worried that I'm asking too much from the team of Captain's Cake and Magic. Admittedly, the project was indeed a big undertaking, but kudos to them for accepting the challenge and pulling it off quite magnificently. :D

The project took the team a whopping 160-man hours to make this impressive gaming themed cake!! No small feat and you can certainly see the attention to detail on the cake.

Here's me having fun with the cake.

As epic as the cake looked (and as heartbreaking it is for me to cut it up), cakes are meant to be eaten in the end. And here's the aftermath of the cake after it was cut up and eaten by my guests. YES, you read that right, 95% of the cake is edible. :D

Even after all these years, this epic cake still stands as one of my most memorable cake ever. :D Thank you Captain's Mix and Magic!! If you want to make a geek-themed cake done, hit them up via their website:


  1. wow! Thanks for this! :) it was so much fun to make especially that we always wanted to do structure cakes, and boy this provided A LOT of structure! heheh! until the next cake feat!

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