Monday, September 1, 2014

Strife launches into Open Beta in the Philippines!! :D

Last Friday (Aug. 29, 2014), I was fortunate enough to be invited in the Press Launch for an upcoming MOBA game; Strife. The game's tagline: "Life is Toxic, your MOBA shouldn’t be" is highly intriguing and abit ironic considering the game's name is... well... STRIFE (which means conflict, bitter disagreement)

On their jam packed launch event which was held in Imperium Bar, journalists and fellow bloggers are shown the ropes of what Strife is all about.

As a MOBA fan (played DotA, LoL and now Heroes of the Storm), I'm curious to find out what separates Strife from the already large selection of MOBA games in the market. And thankfully, this quickly touches on what makes this MOBA different from all the rest:

As you can see in the video, Strife is designed with the purpose of delivering fast-paced action, less downtime, and just making the game generally much more fun. :D But what makes this game less toxic (as the tagline implies) are found in the game's tweaks with standard MOBA features & mechanics namely:


One of the most intriguing features of Strife is the Gold Sharing Mechanic, where ALL team members, not just the one who gets the kill, earns gold. Not only does this makes alot of sense, but it also removes the need for competition between teammates as to who will get the last hits, gold, etc which is a constant source of bickering and insults between teammates. It's also great for newbies who are still getting a hang of how everything works, where a more experienced player can fight by their side and they both earn gold. :D


One of the biggest hurdles newbies have to face when playing a MOBA is which hero they will pick out of the huge roster of heroes in most MOBA games. Now before hardcore MOBA purists think this is MOBA for noobz only, this feature has a pleasant side effect. Thanks to a smaller Hero roster, each hero can be played in many different ways, and is flexible to any play style in-game. Say you started out with a hero that's a Carry, but suddenly wanted to be a Support player with the hero you got? No problemo. :D This level of flexibility is something that's great for players who love to tweak their game on the fly. Another nice touch is, that all of the heroes ARE FREE TO PLAY (No need to unlock any heroes).

Pets in Strife not only serve as a mascot of sorts (they look so adorable), but they also assist and change the way you play the game!! They serve as couriers to help you buy items without you ever going back to your home base, and they also assist in combat either by giving you some buffs or actually fighting alongside your hero!! Best thing is, these guys level-up along with you, unlocking skills and other in-game benefits for your hero.

This is the driving idea behind Strife, to give players something that's less time consuming and more action based. Starting with their out-of-combat HP regen system, as not only does give players breathing room to recover some HP without going all the way back to the base JUST TO REGEN. They also have faster respawn times, which is great for people who just wants to get back in the action ASAP. Those features along with a slew more namely; auto-skill leveling system, item-combination presets, and so much more, gives its players more of what they want... FAST PACED MOBA ACTION!! :D

Quite honestly, I'm happy of the said systems and I can't wait to get to play myself. Now that's the game in Open Beta, anyone can easily sign-up and join in the fun!! Simply go to:

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