Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nokia N1: Getting Nokia back in the game

After what seemed an epic weekend, the start of my week just went even more awesome upon the announcement of the Nokia N1:

Just when I thought Nokia is no more, after being sold to Microsoft, Nokia's sudden reemergence out of nowhere to announce this was... shocking to say the least. And that's not all...

This is a sleek and stylish tablet that's at 7", runs on a vanilla Android 5.0 OS (unlike the forked Android OS that's found on the Nokia X series phones), with a price tag at an incredibly competitive price of $249 (roughly Php11,500).


I've been a fanboy of Nokia handsets, and quite frankly after owning a Nokia X (which I thought would be the last I'd see a Nokia brand on a handset) this makes me really happy. Add in the fact that it runs on Android makes me jump for joy!! DREAM COME TRUE!!

However, despite this announcement, I still have a few questions in my mind, and the one thing that bugs me the most is, will this run Google apps (namely the Google Play store) on it and be installed with every Google app that comes standard with Android devices? Or will this be another Nokia X? Please for the love of goodness Nokia, stop with the forking and simply support Android full force!! Will be updating you guys as soon as I get new info soon.

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