Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Komikon X + ESGS = An Epic weekend recap

It's quite rare for me to have two back-to-back weekend events to attend, and last weekend is definitely an awesome way for me to end the week!! :D

First off; Komikon X!!

My small little company; Powerplay Wear, made its debut on Summer Komikon 2014, and I really found it fitting for it to return for Komikon 2014.

And this time, I brought something special along with me that I introduced back in Toycon 2014; the videogame sword replica collab project with Hello Knightmare by Louie. And I got me the Parallel Falchion from the game Fire Emblem: Awakening.

We setup the booth early on and despite the much more crammed space, the atmosphere in the event is simply... electric!! :D Here's a shot of our humble table that's crammed with stuff to sell!! :D

As soon as the crowd came rushing in, I had very little time to go around the event and cover it myself. I was too busy marketing our product and generally taking care of the booth. I'm simply glad that our products got alot of loving during Komikon!! And even if our replica swords didn't sell, they managed to get alot of curious onlookers to enjoy and appreciate the sword up close! :D

And one thing I love about Komikon, is that cosplayers are starting to get more and more accepted in the event! As a cosplayer, I love it as well, and I hope I can cosplay as one of the local komik characters that's in Komikon.

Sadly, as much as I enjoyed Komikon, I ended up with a very slim loot during the event. :( Since I could barely go around, and most exhibitors set-up late, I didn't get to buy alot of komiks during the event. :( Here's my Komikon 2014 loot:

Kanto Inc. compilation book
Story by: Joanah Tinio Calingo/Taga-Ilog
Art by: Kilayman

Dragon Breed Vol. 1
Story by: Maria Cornelia Damaso
Art by: Elmer Damaso

Pasig Book 2: Issue 4
Story & Art by: Taga-Ilog
I've yet to read all of my Komikon loot (days have been busy with me doing client work and preparing for the next convention), but I'm simply surprised with the amount of amazing works coming out of Komikon!! The creators are really putting out their best foot forward, making sure the readers get their money's worth, and its a win for us fans. I look forward to next year's Komikon releases!! :D

But the absolute best loot I got during Komikon, wasn't even a komik itself, but this:

This lovely piece of art was a limited edition print run by Mr. Carlo Vergara, creator of the popular superhero; Zsazsa Zaturnnah.

Seeing the piece in person was simply breathtaking, and considering I'm a huge fan of the style of Alphonse Mucha, and I'm proud to be hanging this wonderful art on my wall. Mr. Vergara even made a nice Certificate of Authenticity, which is a really nice touch.

Moving on to day 2; which was ESGS!!

It was a gaming centric event that focused more on e-sports and videogames. I definitely appreciate the effort put into it, and I hope the event grows bigger next year, but as of now, its a little bit fewer in attendance than Komikon. 

I was finally able to try out the local games made for the Occulus, and safe to say, it does show potential. However most of the games presented during the ESGS, does lack some polish (with controls not exactly responsive, the map layout is confusing and abit too large) however it can only get better in the future. I look forward to seeing more locally made content soon!

One thing I do appreciate though is that gaming cosplay is becoming more and more mainstream here in the Philippines:

Whew!! What a weekend!! Still having some weekend hangovers due to the epicness, but I definitely had tons of fun!! Till next time!! :D

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