Monday, January 25, 2010

Gangster City Review – part 1 -

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Playfish; known for its cutesy games like Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story among others, has finally decided to “grow up” and ditch its cutesy look for its newest game; the dark and very noir looking “Gangster City”.

1 Seems like Playfish is now being more versatile as it now gives a “mature” game for the “hardcore” gamers in Facebook. You could say that this is playfish’ attempt in challenging to Zynga’s hit game “Mafia Wars”. Did they succeed? Let’s find out.

As the game begins, you are greeted with an animated cutscene that’s reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto games (namely GTA: Chinatown Wars), that introduces you to the game’s story… yes you read that right, this game HAS A STORY unlike Mafia Wars.

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These intro cinematics themselves are pretty slick, and gives a sense of atmosphere to the whole game, truly immersing you to the world. It’s also animated, and complete with voice acting… yes you read that right; THIS GAME HAS VOICE ACTING.

And the voice acting doesn’t just appear in the cinematics though, they are in almost every part of the game, truly making the experience much more better. It’s these little details that truly sets it apart from existing “mafia wars clones” that’s been around in Facebook. This game TRULY feels like a game, and not just “another Mafia Wars” game, and successfully immerses you in the life of an underground mafioso.

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