Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wordtrotters Review – part 3 -

game-1 The game itself is a mixed bag. It starts off with giving you a hint as to what the word is you’re trying to form. Then you’re given a few minutes to try to spell out what the word is, and collect them by clicking on them as your wordtrotter will try to chase them all over the screen.

game-2 The world starts off with dull grey colors, as random letters just run around the place. All you need to do is to try to get the letters in order by clicking on them.

game-4 Each time you get a letter, those letters will follow you & the world itself gets more colorful, which is a neat idea in itself, but the stages themselves lack the vibrant and lush details found in the image earlier. Here’s the image again for reference.


The game itself is simple, but if it’s your first time in the game you may get confused as to what the hell is this game all about. A simple tutorial stage would have been great, and not just a lousy “How to play” in the menu.

The game itself can also get boring and the challenge really isn’t in the stages itself, but on just how good you are in figuring out what the word is. Additional clues would have been great, specially for those who aren’t really knowledgeable with words.


All in all, Wordtrotters is a decent game. It has original ideas thrown in, but the execution itself is kinda flawed. But still, not bad for a first filipino-made Facebook game. But this is really far from being “The World’s Coolest Word Game”… I’ve seen more better ones out there. Just check out Popcap’s lineup and you’ll see other games even more better lookin and cooler than this one.

wordtrotter rating

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