Monday, January 25, 2010

Gangster City Review – part 2 -

But the level of polish and quality doesn’t just end there. It also extends even to the game itself, and not just in the cinematics. Here’s their “Jobs” menu screen:

6 Compare that to Mafia War’s job/missions menu:


It’s clear which one of the 2 is far more stylized and more better. As for the gameplay itself, Gangster City plays just like Mafia Wars, but with a few tweaks here and there for a much better gaming experience. Just like in Mafia Wars, players go on missions, obtain property, and so on until you run out of energy to spend. However, unlike Mafia Wars, Gangster Wars is far more forgiving and generous with energy that its relatively easier to level up in this game than in Mafia Wars.

Another cool addition to the gameplay, is that you can clearly see exactly what your mafioso is doing while he’s doing a task, using animated cutscenes to convey what’s happening.


It’s these little details that truly impresses me the most. They didn’t just slap in some static graphic and call it a day, they put alot of effort and attention to detail that makes the game itself feel alive.

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